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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Clean122 this is what i mean btw I really LOVE your design!! Do you happen to mind sharing the template? I have the Aylee Bits fan outline already, but I really like the starfish graphic that you have at the top, where did you find this?
  2. We're booked for May 9, 2014!! Can't wait!
  3. Good for you IrishGirlMD, anything to save dollars and cents ends up wirth it in the end!! Do you think you could pass along the email address you used to get in touch with corporate/sales? I'm thinking I will have to go the same route. We are having approx. 60 guests, and have also been told that we MUST have a private reception. To be honest, that's what I prefer anyway, but it truly seems wrong that they can charge you 67$ per person ON TOP of your package price! PLUS a rental/set up fee! I hate to be so negative, just seems like a lot of surprises. Can you clarify exactly what they have reduced for you and what will be included for your big day? Will you be paying for the "free" package only, and then upgrading with a per person cost, or will you purchase one of their more expensive packages and simply not have to pay for the guests included in that package? Basically, what my fiance and I are hoping for, is a private dinner and reception (torn between beach and pool deck) for approx 60 people. We aren't sure what the most cost effective way to do this is.... do we go with the "free" package and pay the flat rate location rental fee plus the 67$ per person (plus having to pay for dj/sound equipment, decorations etc.), or do we book one of their upgraded packages (and have decorations etc. included) and push for the first 40 guests to be exempt from the 67$ pp charge? How have others approached this issue for a large group and private event? ...What a headache My other questions are a bit more to do with logistics - wondering about opinions on whether the beach or pool deck would be better for having both dinner and reception for such a large group. Wondering about proximity to noise/other guests. Do you feel like you're "on display" while celebrating on the pool deck? Is the beach location too close to nightly entertainment? Thanks in advance ladies!! You're all lifesavers!
  4. I'm in the same boat...really regretting booking with RIU now. They do a fantastic job of hiding fees and making you feel worthless. Not how I imagined feeling during the planning process for our big day. IrishGirlMD, have you had any breakthroughs recently? I can't even get Keisha to reply to me! I know she's busy and what not, but I am contemplating going to management and discussing my options. I;m trying to just go with the flow, but an extra $6000-$8000 that wasn't anticipated is really throwing me off my game.
  5. Thanks so much for posting your review!! Very detailed and informative! Wondering if you know the name of the tour company you guys went with for the Reggae tour (or even just the Bob Marley section) Some of FI's friends are right into that and would kill me if I didn't share the information. Bah. I fgure I can send them on the tour, get it out of their systems and not have any issues at the resort...i hope. lol Thanks!! Kat
  6. Ugh...I really hate how the "King beds" in the basic rooms are just two doubles pushed together!! How do they get away with calling that a king bed? I feel like my guests will be disappointed about that Anyone have any experience with this? Does a couple pretty much have to share one side of the bed in order to cuddle? Are ALL basic king rooms set up this way? I'm kind of upset that I'm learning about this after booking my wedding. The website advertises KING beds so that's what I expected. I know it may be a silly thing to be knit-picky about, I just want all our couple friends and young families to be happy with their holiday
  7. Sorry, my computer just wasn't loading them...ignore that comment !! Woops.
  8. These pictures have gone missing Does anyone else have pictures of wedding dinner setups in the Plantation Restaurant?! Can't find them anywhere
  9. Hey, thanks so much for getting back to me..your wedding photos are stunning!! We are still tossing up on what to do about photographers, but will likely fly one in! Seems like much better value. I'm so confused over this dinner situation though. My travel agent has been speaking with Keisha via email, and what they're saying is that for a private dinner (pool deck/ballroom terrace/beach/etc.) the cost is a 600$ set up fee, and dinner costs 67$ per person!! Even for guests staying at the resort!! And this is the cost for ALL guests - the 40 that would be included in the caprice package semi-private dinner are NOT included if you decide to go with a private dinner. I feel that this is absolutely ridiculous! I'm so confused at how they can charge so much. So you didn't pay a per person fee at all for all 80 people? I wonder how this could have changed so drastically. Was your dinner a buffet? Has anyone else ran into this pricing problem? For our 90 guests, a private dinner would cost us $6630.00 (WHAT !!?!?!?) ($67/person x 90) = $6030 + $600 set up fee We were planning to go with the Caprice package (assuming the first 40 guests would be included for dinner - as per the package) but now I'm wondering why we would do that if we have to pay for each persons dinner anyway. Seems it would be cheaper to go with no package, and just pay the judge fees on our own. Is there any benefit to getting one of their packages if you're having a private dinner?
  10. Hey Wontongir1, Glad to see another ROR bride who had a successful wedding day with more than 80 guests I'm just getting into the beginning stages of planning our RUR wedding, and our group will be at LEAST 80 as well...and I'm starting to get concerned that with a group this large the cost is going to be outrageous!! They seem to have fees for every little extra! How did they charge you for your ballroom terrace reception? Did you have to pay a set up/rental fee as well as the per person fee? We are likely doing the Caprice package which is said to include 40 people for dinner - are these 40 still included if you upgrade to the private venue (so you would only be paying the per person fee for the extra 40+ people?). Also, were you able to have your dinner AND reception there with dancing and everything? If so, what was the space like for dancing? Did you use the steakhouse menu? So many questions, I know, but ANY help at all would be REALLY appreciated. Thank you so so much!! Kat
  11. Please, is anyone able to tell me if the private dinner fee of 55$/person is for the ENTIRE wedding group...or for those numbers above and beyond the number of guests included in your wedding package? For example, if you are paying for the "Caprice" package, in which 40 people are included for the semi-private dinner, do you still have to pay $55/person for those 40? Or only for the number of people above 40? I know it's upgrading to go to a private dinner, but really, if they have you already paying a set up/rental fee for the private venue, why wouldn't the first 40 be included - it's the same meal they would be getting if the dinner were semi-private!! ANY help would be greatly appreciated...I feel like with a party of 80+ the cost is going to get out of hand...
  12. Hey, thanks for the review!! LOVE your photos - your photographer did a fantastic job and your dress is gorgeous!! I was wondering about the beach party..you said there was a "dance floor" area, was this just the area between the chairs in a semi circle or is there an actual floor to dance on? If not, was it ok dancing on the sand or too difficult? Did they set up a private bar on the beach for you guys with full service (mixed drinks, beer, soda, etc) or was it limited? Did you guys have a bonfire as well, or is that a separate fee? Any info is super appreciated!! Thank you so much in advance!!
  13. Hey Lauren, Thanks for the awesome review!! Very thorough and insightful I just had a couple questions for you, as me and FI are in the final stages of deciding on a resort and are pretty sure we'll be putting our deposit in this week for RIU Ocho Rios!! YAY!! Anyways, how many guests travelled with you guys? Our party is going to be quite large (minimum of 60 :s) and wonder what you think of a group that size doing the semi-private dinner in Mamme Steakhouse...would we even fit? So far I can't get much back from the coordinators for these types of details. Also wondering where you got the info about your beach bonfire. This sounds like an AWESOME idea, but on the "extras" list I was sent there is no mention of it. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for that? Thanks again for taking the time to write your review, so helpful! And any extra info you can provide is GREATLY appreciated...stressing a bit at this point lol and things have only just started! I will check back to this post for replies or feel free to private message me Thanks so much!!
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