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  1. I bought 40 ivory polyester chair bows from tableclothsfactory.com for $1.19 a piece. I am selling them for $0.50 each ($20 total), or best offer, plus shipping.
  2. Hello brides to be & murmel! It's been forever since I last logged onto this site, but I wanted to stop by and say hello! Can't believe that it's almost been a year since I was married at AS- you ladies are in excellent hands We're going back to AS in several weeks as a bit delayed 1 year anniversary trip; if anyone needs any pictures taken, information gathered or even if someone else is going to be there and needs in person advice, please let me know! Take care ladies! ~Tamara~
  3. And for those ladies who are wondering about tipping: this is from the wedding guru herself, Martha Stewart...http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/226661/tipping-wedding-vendors
  4. Hi there, This is the timeline I had, and we ended up being pretty much right on schedule. By the time our speeches started, we were having dessert. Cocktail Hour 6:00 - 7:00 Direct guests to reception 5:45/5:50 Welcome to Reception 7:05 Introduction of Bride & Groom 7:10 Start Dinner ~7:15 Guitar Trio 7:30 - 8:15 Speeches ~8:15/8:20 start Best man Groom's father Maid of honour Groom's mother Bride's parents First Dance Immediately after speeches (~8:45/8:50) Cake Cutting 8:55 Parent Dance 9:00 Pinata 9:05 Dance Party starts after Pinata
  5. Congratulations Dawn!!! I am so happy for you that you had an amazing wedding Can't wait to see more pictures when you return!
  6. For anyone who may be interested, here is the link to some photos posted by our photographer, Dean Sanderson: http://deansandersonweddings.com/2013/03/tamara-chris-riviera-mayawedding/
  7. Like murmel, we also did a very quick "legal thing" in Canada before leaving for Mexico. That event barely registers for us because it was just a check on the things to do list before actually being "married." This didn't make our wedding any less special. We will always celebrate our anniversary on the day we got married in Mexico and exchanged our true heartfelt vows to one another.
  8. Gina, I can't wait to see more of your pics! Glad to hear Dean worked out for you as well He just posted some more of our pics on his website if anyone is interested...http://deansandersonweddings.com/2013/03/tamara-chris-riviera-mayawedding/
  9. Hi Dawn, the doctor in me feels the need to answer your question about vaccinations, haha! I'd recommend making sure you are immunized against Hepatitis A & B (there is now a single shot to immunize for both- in Canada it's called Twinrix). A bunch of us also took the oral vaccine, Dukoral, prior to travelling, and I think it saved some of us (protects against a strain of bacteria causing traveller's diarrhea). I also suggest you get a prescription from your doctor for an antibiotic just in case you get a really bad case of traveller's diarrhea, which does not let up.
  10. Hi again Gina, I used this article to help out with the tipping issue - http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/226661/tipping-wedding-vendors. I always defer to Martha, haha!
  11. Hi Gina, I loved my makeup the lady at the spa did for me! I bought my own MAC makeup as a backup because I was nervous before my trial, but didn't end up using it because the spa uses MAC, and they have an incredible selection of everything! Trust me, you have nothing to worry about
  12. Congratulations!!! You looked beautiful on your special day How much did you love Bora Bora? It's on my list of places to visit- it looks amazing!
  13. A tip for brides to be married...if your wedding package entitles you to a One Night Anniversary Stay voucher, be sure to ask for it at the reception desk at checkout! We didn't know this, and now are having to track someone at the resort down to get the voucher.
  14. Hi Dawn, here is an article my photographer sent me before my wedding that I thought was helpful- http://www.deansandersonweddings.com/blog/2012/11/the-very-best-beach-bridal-make-up-for-a-wedding-in-the-riviera-maya/ Hope it's of use to you!
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