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Coconoir's Planning Thread Pgs 1-8, Final Review & Templates Pgs. 18-19

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Ladies thank you so much for the compliments hug2.gif

Originally Posted by elissae View Post

CONGRATS - Beautiful spread about you both!  xoxo



I purchased both my save the date's and invites through Sprouille Designs.  As such there is no template!  However; you can search and find tons of tempaltes on this site.

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I love everyting you did! Please provide or let me know how to the get the templates for the save the date. Also the info for the passport.


Thank you,


Thanks so much...it was my hope and intention to help other brides....as I was greatly helped and inspired from this site.

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Congrats! Thanks for posting this great thread.

Muchas Gracias

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So cool that you were featured there!  Beautiful couple and wedding.  :)

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Awesome Planning Thread!!! LOVE LOVE your Loubies!!! I'm thinking of making some room in the budget for some Louboutins! :)

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Thank you so very much for the beautiful compliment!!  It was definitely not without blood, sweet, tears and paper cuts but as my Hubby would say "All he had to do was show up" smile120.gif  we had a wonderful time and things happened that I could not have planned.  There was so much laughter and tears during the ceremony that it was just breathtaking.  No amount of DIY could help with that.  God was ever so present....and we were humbled indeed. 

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@ coconoir,I must say that planning thread was awesome!!!! So I know your wedding was on point and beautiful.Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Thank you so very much kard613. 

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Thanks Lori :-)  Initially I was trying to do pink LB's as I knew my flowers were going to be pink... however; the ones that I wanted were so hard to find.  So, then I turned to the "my something blue".  Let's just say you better have your MOH be on guard if you take your shoes off LOL...  everyone female took pictures with my shoes in their hand or of my feet LOL 

Originally Posted by Lori Granados View Post

Awesome Planning Thread!!! LOVE LOVE your Loubies!!! I'm thinking of making some room in the budget for some Louboutins! :)

Happy Planning to you all!

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What a fantastic planning thread!!! Everything was awesome and I loved your dress and of course the shoes....being a fellow shoe whore!!! I labored over finding the perfect shoe and found some I loved for a whopping $23, what are the odds of that?!?!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas and sharing all of your templates. Is it wrong of me to just want to toss everything in their tote bags and tell them to have at it thatswck.gifhahahaha!

I'm off to your review thread and to see your pics, can't wait!

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Quick question(s)

1. Did NasvilleWraps personalize the bag for you, or is that something you did?

2. What did you put in the "Oh Sh*t" bags? Did you just print the tag on paper you had then cut?I love this idea!!! (Do you mind emailing the template to me....don't think I'll ever get to 150 posts!! gail.shirley21@gmail.com)

I'm debating lanyards vs the wrist coils, but wondering if either will really be used. Did your guests use them much?

Thanks so very much!!

Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post

Almost DONE Whew woot.gif



OOT bags:

After taking a poll from our potential guest, many didnâ€t want beach bags. The females said “they always come prepared†and the males well of those that did answer said, “why do we need a bag†LOL So, FI & I decided to keep the bag simple & concentrate on the contents of the bag. 

  • Kraft paper bags, raffia, & tissue paper from www.nashvillewraps.com
  • Tylenol, Imodium, etc. purchased from Amazon or BJâ€s
  • First Aid Kits: Target
  • Alcohol pads, personal wipes, ear plugs, lens savors (work)
  • Contents for our Naughty Nites Kit (compliments of my job not pictured)
  • Key Coils: Ebay
  • Towels: cottonfruit.com aka towels4less.com
  • Shot glasses: discountmugs.com
  • Rings Pops (five & below)
  • Candy: oldtimecandy.com
  • Chapstick: I donâ€t remember but it was all natural website with different flavors. 


All right, I totally did not think of myself as crafty.  Therefore, I want to thank everyone on the site who took the time to post their templates.  Without your generosity, I would have continued to purchase, purchase, and purchase. 

Finished OOT2.jpg


The blue bag below is a sample and this bag will not be used.. I was practicing...  However, this bag will hold their 1st aid kits, Naughty Nite kit (not show but is featured in Turquoise Organza bags) & their oh shit kit.

survival bag.jpgsurvival bag 2.jpg


1st aid kit and oh Sh*t kit

1st aid kit2.jpgphoto(12).JPG


key card holder and towels




chapstick with shrink wrap 2.jpg


Shot glasses

Discount mugs shot glasses.JPG


Welcome Books Idea from MrsTgun: these are my practice ones LOL  Practice sure does make perfect. 

Welcome Test Folder.jpgBlue Welcome book.jpg



inside welcome folder.jpgInside Welcome Folder Blue.jpg

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