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  1. I made it clear to my guests that if they chose to stay elsewhere, they were responsible for paying for the day pass. I chose where I wanted to have my wedding, if you choose to stay somewhere else because it's cheaper or whatever other reason then you need to pay that extra cost. Just my opinion and I made sure my guests understood, of course our day pass was only $72 but it was also only for 6 hours! Hope that helps!!
  2. My matron of honor actually suggested the quilt which I think is a really cool idea, but I love the trees too!!! Decisions, decisions!!!! Thanks for the pic - I love this idea!!!
  3. That's really cute! Thanks for sharing. We are estimating 100 people or so, so I guess I will figure out what I want that won't be too much of a space hog in our house
  4. I didn't see the link.....it didn't show up for some reason or the picture if that's what you posted
  5. Did you guys, or did any of you brides who had AHR, have a guest book or a guest book type thing at the reception? We are doing a very informal picnic/BBQ at a park - renting a shelter, etc......just not sure what to do.....besides this.....
  6. Let me check with my maid of honor, she ordered all of the shells because she made both of our bouquets and the boutts out of shells. Will let you know as soon as I get a hold of her!
  7. Thank you for that site, what a great idea!!! I don't think either of us really cared about the AHR. We both have friends in WV that weren't able to attend the wedding, but ALL of his family is up there and his mom really wants ALL of the family to "meet" me......again. We dated off and on in high school and college, so I'm sure it will be fun but it just feels weird to me......kind of like, Hey we got married, come eat some food and give us something. I know that's not the intention though and numerous people have asked us if we were doing something, but I just wasn't sure about a registry. Didn't make sense to me. Now a vow renewal would be AWESOME!!! I can't wait to go back!!
  8. Good morning EDR past and future brides! I am in need of a few opinions from you guys. My new husbands mother has wanted to host an informal type of AHR for us since we tied the knot in April. However, there hasn't really been much time due to relocating myself from SC to WV and both of my boys to their respective colleges. We finally were able to pick a place and the date. Sept 21 at a picnic shelter in a local park with a playground nearby, etc. The date is actually exactly 5 months from the actual wedding date and I didn't feel it was necessary but his mom really wants to do this for us. Now here's my dilemma.......we combined 2 households, so we have plenty of dishes, pots, pans, etc, etc but we did just buy an older house that needs quite a bit of work. His mom wants us to register at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and/or Target but we just don't need things like that......we need 2x4's and shower doors, etc. So his mom suggested listing that we are registered at Lowes......which would be great if it were possible. So should we just leave that off and let people ask if they are so inclined to bring a gift? We are not expecting gifts, but I'm sure some people will bring them. Ok and lastly, what type of informal invite would be good to use? I did say that if she wants to do this I am NOT doing any of the work.....I did ALL the work for the wedding at EDR......does that seem unreasonable or rude? It's not meant to be, it's just that no matter how simple you try to make a "picnic" it becomes a HUGE ordeal!! Thanks ladies!!
  9. This was my guest book - it was a 16x20 canvas with our monogram on it. We had a small wedding with only 14 guests, so this actually could have been smaller. I bought a carry on that it would fit in and just carried it back and forth to Mexico like that. I love, love, love Etsy....lots of great ideas found there!!! I had them put it on a table at the front with a hot pink table runner and some left over shells that I had. I Loved it and my guests thought it was great!!
  10. I would say the ceremony was maybe 10-15 mins, but keep in mind the guests will arrive a bit before you so I would estimate standing to be about 25-30 mins total, give or take a few. I had to have chairs as my step-father has problems with his legs and has to use a cane so he would not have been able to stand for very long. You might be able to have them keep a chair nearby in case he needs it. They are very willing to do whatever you want/need.
  11. Mexicobride - We too had our ceremony at the D'Italia Casitas Gazebo.....Here are a few pictures of what we did decorations wise as we only had 14 guests: If you make these larger you can see the chair hangers we did with blue starfish and light pink ribbon. I had 2 rows of chairs with 2 in front for the parents and 4 in the second row. We made 6 chair hangers so each row had one down the aisle and then 1 on the other end of the back row. I used hot pink chair sashes and you can't see it, but I made fans for each guest and had them stuck in the front of the chair sash....I will see if I can find a picture of those. Found it: I did pay for the flowers on the side of the gazebo and I was SO pleased with them. I think you can see those in the pictures, they really were beautiful!! I did not have anything as an aisle runner, as I really wanted to use the sand and was worried the petals would fly away before I got there. If you have any questions about that particular gazebo just let me know - it really was perfect for a small, intimate wedding!! Quote: Originally Posted by mexicobride2014 Thank you for your reply originally it was just gong to be the two of us so we are really happy both our parents are coming and my sister and close family friend, our ceremony is on 6th November at the d'italia casitas gazebo at 4pm, we are just having a normal legal ceremony, how long does it take? I actually really like the idea of everyone standing with us, i just don't want them to be standing for too long as my father in law has a bad knee! We chose to have our meal at the italian reseraunt as we love italian and everyone seems to rave about the food in reviews
  12. Ok ladies, I need some help!! I ordered a 20x24 metal picture to go above our fireplace, but not sure which photo to use.....opinions please!! Thank you all!! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
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