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  1. @@mckievme I just saw your post., sorry for the delay. the brochures are from Vistaprint. they have tons of templates on that website!
  2. Hey Ironman! I'm surprised to hear you wouldn't recommend this resort! I guess a lot can change in 6 months as we thought everything was amazing. I'm sorry your wedding vacation was less than what you were expecting! Congratulations though!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Marta30 Thanks for all the comments ladies. I would normally take these reviews with a grain of salt, but when I saw the picture of the day bed, I was completely grossed out. My fiance and I travel a lot, and have been to Mexico many times to lower grade hotels, and I have never seen such filth. Even the whole bucket thing for cups is a bit disturbing. It just makes me question the remainder of the resort. I will do my best to calm down! As for the pictures of the day bed I agree, that would have freaked me out as well but I can assure you I NEVER saw an
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Marta30 Hi Ladies- I know I should stay off of tripadvisor, but the most recent reviews have me terrified about having my wedding at Now Jade. Some of the pictures that have been posted make the resort look flithy! Dishes in the hallway rummaged by raccoons, moldy bedding on chairs by the pool, filty bathrooms. For the price that Apple Vacations is quoting to my guests, I will be mortified if it is truly this way. The pictures are really hard to dispute though. The most recent review said the bride and grooms ceiling and balcony collapsed???? I have
  5. Bamboo Room is the best option in my opinion. That's the only thing I would have changed if I could do it over again. Your ceremony & cocktail hour will prob be outdoors. It's a nice break for you and your guest to have an A/C reception indoors, especially in a June. When I saw the Bamboo Room I thought it was great.
  6. Thank You! And congrats on your upcoming wedding. Everything will be perfect! We did provide our own ceremony script, I used this forum and took bits and pieces of other brides scripts that they shared. Gave it to Deisy at our meeting and the officiant read it word for word. (they do provide a script if you chose to go that route) Im sure you can request a copy to read what it says. The beef and shrimp was great and so was the mahi mahi. Our fans were from here: http://m.paperlanternstore.com/9fupahafan.html And the chair sashes from: http://www.tableclothsfactory.com/Hot-Pink-Chair-Sash-p/a16
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by traylynn So how was your wedding. Any pictures yet My apologies! I should have posted the link to my review on this thread as well! Didn't even think about it! Our wedding was absolutely amazing! Check out my review along with some pictures here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-jade-riviera-cancun/reviews/7403
  8. @juicybride, I'm sorry for the delay, I just now saw your comment.. We paid $15 per person, per hour to extend the reception. I cannot remember if there were taxes and a service fee added to that price or not but I'm sure there was at least the service fee. You have to decide the day before (or during meeting with the wedding planner) as you have to pay for the wedding before the actual wedding. We paid for ours after our meeting with Pilar/Deisy. Hope this helps, good luck with everything! Everything will be perfect!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Brandi Kohler I know it is $65 for an updo. I really didn't want to have to pay for a trial, but I figured that I would really hate to have my hair done the day of the wedding and it looks horrible. I figure that $65 is a decent price for my piece of mind on the day of the wedding. I have it scheduled for the day before the wedding! I'm super picky about my hair and skipped the hair trial. I didn't want to spend the time or the money. Plus I didn't want anyone to see how I was going to be wearing my hair. I actually loved my hair the day of and I am cr
  10. No, you don't have to pay for drinks. There is a bar right there where your guest can grab a drink if needed. Honestly, not sure of a trip to Costco would be necessary. Just make it known to your guest to eat before or after. There's plenty of food around the resort so nobody would go hungry!
  11. Just an FYI... I requested chips and salsa for our 60 guest hoping they would just throw that in... (I read some where on here that one bride was lucky enough!) But when we got our final budget, they tried to charge us $650 for chips and salsa! We took that off real quick! We just had everyone meet in the lobby bar at 8:30 so most folks ate dinner prior to coming. Maybe one of you girls will be lucky enough to get the snacks thrown in for free! :-) We were not so lucky!
  12. In the reply box you'll see 3 blocks under Reply. B, a paperclip and one beside the paperclip means "image." Click on that one and it will give you the option to upload a pic from your camera roll. Hope this helps.
  13. They filmed about an hour. A bit in the room getting ready, guest entering ceremony site, entire ceremony, and photos afterwards on the beach. The total edited video is about 25 min long. No extra coverage, just used what was included in the Divine Package.
  14. HOT!! It was HOT! Everyone was constantly hot but it's Mexico so we all expected that. Wouldn't stop me going back in June again, but expect it to be hot.
  15. Wanted to share that we received our video today included in the divine package. We loved it & think they did an amazing job! We think Adventure Photos was wonderful for photos & video. Still can't figure out why a lot of brides say otherwise. Oh well--just wanted to share our experience! If your on a budget, do not hesitate to use them ;-)
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