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  1. Hi ! I am actually getting married on April 27th, 2014 ! One day after you ! I have Elizabeth as well, she takes a little bit to get back to you via email, but everytime I have talked to her she has been very helpful ! What time are you having your cermemony and wedding ? I am getting married at 5pm, I want to still get some pictures while its still light out . Anyone think Im cutting it kinda close? ive been told the sunset is around 6pm.
  2. This review was awesome ! So helpful ! My wedding is in less than 2 months at the Moon Palace, I am also doing the Caribbean Terrace, We are paying for the extra hours as well. You chose alot of the same things I did, and very similar colors ! I am going with all white, and silver chivari chairs also. I went back and fourth for so long about those acrylic tables ! I LOVE THEM ! My fiancé unfortunately wants the traditional round, bummer. Your pictures are great ! Any other tips you can give me would be great ! Thanks ! Jinele The music wasnt really that loud ? Did you ha
  3. Pictures from my site visit ! Ill be getting married in this Chapel, and reception will be on the Caribbean Terrace shown in the pics !
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by HayleyJ Hi everyone, We have our wedding booked for November 25 2014 at the Moon Palace, we haven't spoken with our coordinator yet but are very excited to get started. Does anyone else have Dolce? I also heard rumours there might be an outdoor reception area able to continue past 10pm is this true? I surely hope so, that would be amazing Hayley You can do your reception on the Caribbean Terrace and extend till 12 midnight ! Thats what I am doing . my wedding is April 27th 2014. It's alot extra. You have to pay per hour, also You pay extra to
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsTobeD It needs to be the Grand terrace, no others, to be able to have extended hours. Is the only one that won't disturb other guest I have chosen Caribbean Terrace and I have my reception extended to 12 Midnight .
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Zavina Ok so it actually seems like I am getting an ok deal. And that is a ridiculous price for a DJ! I am flying my friend down and he's staying for 1 week and DJing all of my events for that price! Mine too, except they will charge you for the equipment for each event that your DJ chooses to DJ. Which can get super expensive.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Zavina Hey everyone! I just need some feedback from brides out there! I was quoted $725 from JSAV for the "indoors wedding package" which includes a projector, screen, dj mixer, equipment etc. Is this considered a good deal? I am not renting the DJ as I am having a friend do that but I need the equipment. Please help! Or give any suggestions you may have. Thank you! I am doing the same, I was quoted i believe around $570. That was without a projector though. Which i do actually need . Seems about right. The DJ there was around $2000.
  8. Did anyone get to try they buffet food options when they went on their site visit !? I don't want to pic a buffet option without trying it first. Also, while your on the site visit do they let you pick the reception location ? I cant dedide where I want to do the reception, I'm hoping for a balcony type terrace
  9. I just booked my wedding at moon palace also April 27th! One day behind you we will be there the same time ~ Keep in touch for questions !
  10. She takes a LONG time to respond, I'm actually now looking into Moon Palace resort also. They are MUCH more responsive.... which makes me second guess my decision. I Might go with Moon palace instead. They even have a 1-800 number where you can speak to someone and ask any questions you want ! So I may be switching over to them ....
  11. I know Im so confused with everything, it seems everyone gets a different answer for everything ! I know I am NOT paying extra for cake, hordorves or champagne toast. It's a waste of money if you ask me
  12. I have been to Moon Palace and I LOVED it. It's HUGE, so if thats what you like this is the perfect place. I am also looking into getiing married here. I originally choose Now Jade, but I like Moon Palace better, just waiting on some quotes since we will be having like 60 people in our wedding party !
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