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  1. Hey!! I'm back from my wedding and did end up using the Best Moments. My experience with the team was awesome EXCEPT for the lack of communication with Martina. That whole vendor fee is a big mix up and they need to get it together. Martina does not make it clear to the bride how the vendor fee works. She did tell me that they have a contract with Barcelo and of course that's not true because Barcelo has their own spa!! So basically what ended up happening is I only paid the deposit and the balance gets credited because that's the "fee". In the end you pay for the outside fee which is only $15
  2. Congratulations!!!!! I'm totally with you!!!! Can't believe its been 3 weeks already since I got married!!! I had the best time of my life!!!!
  3. I'm back from my wedding!!!!!! I stayed at the Barcelo for 7 days got there on a Tuesday got married last Friday and got back yesterday!! Everything was PERFECT!!! I will be posting my review in the next few days and also posting pictures on my planning thread. Feel free to ask questions!!!!
  4. Hello! I did not negotiate guest rates with hotel. I went thru a local travel agency in my town which worked out a lot better. I did ask for the incentives and they didn't budge on that. My WC told me I would receive a complimentary cocktail hour only if I had 70 Adult guests only. That's the only con I have regarding Barcelo. They don't offer many incentives. Hope that helps. Good luck planning! I'm getting married on next Friday and I hired Best Moments. I thought I was the only one!!!!! Their response time has been awful!! When I first booked back in October I emailed back and fort
  5. Was it absolutely necessary to take copies of emails between WC and outside vendors??
  6. How exciting!!!!! 14 days left for me to leave!! I'm still working on welcome bag tags, just finished my menus yesterday and then we have to pack everything as well! Best wishes to you and your very soon to be husband on your wedding day and enjoy your honeymoon.. 3 weeks off of work sure sounds nice!
  7. Thank you ladies!!! I will definitely consider it especially since I have 56 adults and 4 children attending so it will definitely add up!
  8. @@cvincent84 Thanks!! I can't wait! I am starting to get nervous it's coming up so soon! I am not doing the TTD at the cenote, it would be at the resort, that is why I am freaking out a little bit because I would REALLY be pissed off if I have to pay $500 again! I'm really going to try to sneak him in with just a guest pass see how it goes. Would love to see pictures your wedding pictures!! Did anyone extend their wedding reception? Was it worth it? I am debating if I should at least by 1 hour. I feel like the first dance, mother-son, father-daughter, speeches, dinner, c
  9. @@cvincent84 WOW!! Thank you for your review!!!! So glad to hear everything went well!!! I'm glad I didn't pay for the cocktail hour and I'm not stressing over that either since you mentioned they can go to the lobby bar. Today I am exactly one month away from my wedding day!!!! I'm starting to get a little stressed out and anxcious! I pretty much have everything set and worked out with WC. The only thing I'm still stressing over is Ivan! I didn't book him a room, I'm just going to pay the $500 fee, however I don't know what to do for the TTD. He's scheduled to come on Monday (i'm getti
  10. Hello Ladies! Any one with an upcoming wedding? How is your planning going? I am one day shy from the one month mark!
  11. Hello Ladies! My wedding day is vastly approaching and I feel like it's crunch time! I wanted to ask how did you pay for all your fees? Cash, check, credit card? Thanks!!
  12. Hello Ladies!!! OKAY!! So Barcelo is really starting to annoy me and with all the money we are spending I'm starting to think maybe we should have just gotten married in NJ!!! First off, I'm still having scheduling issues regarding my photographer! My original plan was to book him a 2 night stay (in order to save on the vendor fee) have him photograph my wedding (Friday) and do my TTD session the next day. Turns out he's got a wedding the following day so he would have to meet me at 7am and it would be at the cenote! 1) that's way too early especially after partying at the wedding t
  13. Woohoo June is here!! It's crunch time... Now I'm starting to freak out because I feel like I have tons to do and still so many ideas floating around and now even more!! My bridal shower was yesterday and my sister did such a phenomenal job with decorations that I'm afraid she'll outdo mine Then I possibly have 3 more people coming which will put me to 60 guests!!!!! OMG we are totally on the same boat!! I've already filled up a suitcase! We will definitely need my sister to check in some bags for us too! We are also taking a serving tray for star fish escorts!! Lucky you! That will b
  14. I'm sooo excited to be using Ivan Luckie for my wedding in July! I have been in contact with him via email and he always responds very quick! I also have a TTD session with him a few days later. In addition he works with a videographer and you save on paying 2 vendor fees. Can't wait for my big day!!!
  15. Hi girls!!! Thanks for all your responses. I've had time to think it through and although it kinda still bothers me I'm over it. Just as @@BusyBee280 said everyone is different and not everyone will see why it's rude. The girl that invited her friends is not traveling alone. Her significant other, her 2 sisters and some of her family members are coming to the wedding because they were invited by me. I just didn't understand what the point of inviting more people was. I have never met these people which makes it a bit awkward. @ you are exactly right, I don't want to seem like a mean
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