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I did my boarding pass invites awhile ago, but never found the time to post them on here! But I thought I should share what I did because I found SO many helpful ideas on this site. Hopefully someone else can use some of my ideas :) I would like to especially thank torilynnsmith and sunkisseddreams (Lisa) for their save the date boarding pass threads that I found insanely helpful and got LOTS of ideas from! here are the links to their fantastic STD's:





I am from Canada, so all my materials were bought at Canadian stores and the prices are in the Canadian dollars, just so everyone knows lol these invites were done from start (designing) to finish (mailed out) in about 5 days! These were very time consuming but totally worth it! We were originally going to do boarding pass save the dates and then passport invites. but because of time constraints and getting a GREAT price offer we had to skip save the dates and go straight for invites lol anyways here they are!


Products and Price Breakdown (my prices include taxes because in my spreadsheets I always put the total costs lol)

Card Stock for the invites- Antique Colour from Staples - $13.55 for 250 pages


Envelopes - Antique Colour by Wausau from Walmart - $20.75 for 2 packages of 50 (Walmart also sold the Antique colour card stock by the same company, but it was more expensive than the one at Staples and they looked exactly the same, but Staples didn't have matching envelopes)


Blue Envelope Paper for the pockets the invites go in - from Staples Copy & Print Centre - $8.14 for 100 sheets ($0.06 a sheet)


Paper Cutter - Cuterpede from Walmart - $22.57 (BEST purchase and worth every penny lol)


Corner Rounder - from Walmart - can't remember the exact price but I believe it was less than $5 (Michael's has a MUCH more expensive one, but I found the one from Walmart just as good)


Brads - from Michaels - $6.76 for 100 mixed colours (these are the little flowers in the corners that hold the pages together, I had NO idea what these were before looking on this website lol)


Double Sided Tape - from Walmart $6 (4 rolls at $1.50 each) I ran out at one point and used Scoth Brand double sided but it was too wide and didn't work for my blue envelopes. 


Rafia - Michaels - $4.50 (usually $9 but I got it 50% off with a coupon)


Canada Post Stamps - $63.28 for 100 stamps from Costco (they work out to be $0.03 cheaper per stamp when bought at Costco vs. buying them individually)


Ice Pick - to punch the holes in the corners of the invites to get the Brads through - this is just something my Dad had at home



Making the Invites

So I used the free aylee bits template (ayleebits.com) because at this point I did not have enough posts to download off this website lol so I had to start from blank! I didn't find Word too hard to work with for the template. I looked at A LOT of other girls boarding pass examples on here and used some great ideas! Like I said before, we were on a time crunch so I basically created these in 1 day because we HAD to get them printed and assembled lol I was in a good place because I had already been looking at so many on here. I made my template, my FI and mom helped me tweak it to look perfect! We were super lucky because my FI has free access to a great colour printer at his work, so we were able to print all 150 colour pages at his work for nothing! Because the free aylee bits template is already laid out perfect it was super easy to print double sided. 


After printing them all we had to use the paper cutter I bought to separate them. We then used the corner rounder to soften all the corners and finally used the ice pick to make a hole for the brads (fasteners) to go through! I also made the blue envelope jackets for the invites to go in, inside the mailing envelopes. For the blue jackets I just folded the paper in 3 and then folded the one corner down to make the opening. I used double sided tape to put them together. I sort of just made them up because I didn't know exactly how to do them, I just wanted them to look similar to sunkisseddreams STD's. I also printed small squares with our names and wedding date on them to put on the outside of the blue jackets. We tied the rafia around and then used more double sided tape to put the squares over the rafia bows. 


Lol enough talking, here are my pics!


These are my materials:



The paper and envelopes:



All 4 pages of the invite:



The front and back of the first page of the invite:



All 4 pages of the invite with the brad flower holding them together:



All 100 invites! (whew lol):




The square pieces that go on the front of the blue jackets:




The invites in their blue jackets with the envelopes at the end:




Thats it! Sorry my post was so long lol if anyone has any questions please let me know :)

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Hi SS2012, can I please ask the brand of printer you used to print your DIY boarding pass? I would like to design my own boarding pass too but not sure the printer quality. Pls help!!



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