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  1. Cait your bags sound fantastic! you put so much time and effort into them your guests are very lucky they look amazing!
  2. Yes they were in the party section, as lindsayraz said they were near the cards, wrapping paper & stationary section...adorable! And very inexpensive
  3. hi ladies, i was at walmart today and saw these adorable flip flop key chains, so cute for OOT bags. there are 5 in the bag for $1! only $0.20 each key chain.
  4. AquaCait, I love it! thanks so much for the great idea and the pics! i have 75 people coming to my DW and i definitely need a way to individualize the mugs for everyone and i didnt want to permenentley mark them or anything. this is great!
  5. this is an AMAZING idea! i looooove it! if you have a pic of yours could you please post it?! thanks!
  6. we havent finished picking all of our music yet, but this is what we have so far: guests & groom entrance - not sure yet? my entrance - not sure either lol signing/sand ceremony - i think i like somewhere over the rainbow (seems popular lol) walking out - good life - one republic first dance - crazy love - michael buble i will have to read more posts on here to get ideas for the entrances!
  7. i would highly and definitely recommend the travel agent we are using. her name is Jen Jackson and she works at Lakeview Travel in St Catharines, ON. I live in Toronto, but i didnt find the distance between us to be a problem at all! Jen is amazing and very accomodating, she can do everything for you over the phone or email (i use email A LOT to communicate with jen). she is very quick to get back to you and will bend over backwards to help! she got our group a greeeeeeat deal on a 5 star resort in punta cana. so great in fact we have 70 PEOPLE coming with us anyways here is her info: Jen Jackson jen@lakeviewtravel.net 905 938 1200 let me know if you have any questions! if you choose to contact her, tell her i recommended her!
  8. this dress is beeeeeeautiful! congrats on finding THE ONE dress for you! it looks gorgeous and i think it will definitely give that WOW factor
  9. thanks for the notice! i need to pick up 2 more for some group additions! ALSO ladies, please note, if your nearest canadian tire (and there arent many more you can go to) doesnt have enough bubba mugs in stock, ask for a rain check! it is good for 30 days. I got a rain check after my 1st purchase because I had a feeling I would get some late book ins. keep it in mind!
  10. one more question lol do you know where Laura got the starfish in your bouquet? i looooove them! even to use for other things!
  11. thanks for sharing your flowers! quick question, how long did it take to do your flowers? im running out of time and am just starting to consider getting flowers to take!
  12. i love both of these ideas! where did you get the starfish? and how did you make the luminaries? pleeeease share
  13. for canadian brides looking for the bath and body works small hand sanitizers, they have them on right for 75% off, they are normally $2 a piece, so right now they are $0.50! they only had about 5 different kinds at the 2 stores (Limeridge Mall in Hamilton and Mapleview Mall in Burlington) I was at this weekend. but those kinds are still nice! they had cool cucumber (i chose these ones), coconut lime verbena, white citrus, nectarine mint, and one kind i cannot remember the name of to save my life! they also had 2 kinds of the travel sized hand lotions on sale for $1 each! they were aruba coconut and rio rumberry. just wanted to let you girls know! $0.50 is a great deal for the bath and body works hand sanitizers!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting that you've found THE dress I'm so happy for you that you followed your heart and went back to try on more dresses, because clearly you were right! Now your wedding day will all that more special because you will feel like a gorgeous bride!
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