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Rehearsal/Welcome Dinner Dress

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I did the same thing this weekend! I am not 100% sure if this is what I will wear, but I stopped in the White House | Black Market store and saw this on the clearance rack - it was about $60, and their last one - so I just got it. I figured it was classic enough that if I didn't wear it for the WD, I could hopefully wear it again somewhere else. And I have exceeded my limit for hosting files - so I am doing an attachment instead!


Is there another way to post a pic w/o "hosting" it?



WD Dress.doc

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Edyta...Your dress is GORGEOUS!! I agree with everyone else, beautiful and goddess-like!


Ann, I LOVE your dress too!! So romantic and feminine. . .I love White House/Black Market...it's where I got my RD dress. And they really do have the best sales! I've got a couple dresses from there that I got really good deals on.


I'm SO re-living all the fun parts of wedding planning through you guys! Thanks for letting me in on the fun! cheesy.gif

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