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DIY boarding passes only took a handful of hours!

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#1 mimiq

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    Posted 19 December 2011 - 09:49 AM

    Hi All!


    My fiance and put our boarding pass invites together yesterday in about 4 to 5 hours to complete 80 invites!  I know I was interested in how much time I would invest in cutting, gluing etc before I started so I thought I'd provide some details.  We were quite happy with the time commitment and definitely weren't hating our choice of DIY by the end!


    We kept it pretty simple and only had a single card and a simple sleeve.  We felt that most of our guests would look to our website for details and providing info about the Dominican or the Resort on extra cards wasn't really necessary.


    We got them printed at Staples and they were so awesome.  The manager ended up giving us a deal, printing them right there while we waited without charging us for express, and giving us the nice cardstock for free!  Not sure why - i think he was just happy to help with wedding stuff!  Highly recommend the Staples on Broadway in Vancouver for printing!  


    We had a friend design them for us, printed the boarding passes at staples and the sleeves at my fiance's work, then did the assembly at home while watching a couple of movies - that's it!  The paper is probably where we spent the most money because we didn't order any online ahead of time and ended up paying about $0.80/sheet at Michaels.  All in our invites cost about $1.90 each and a handful of hours of work.  And we love them and had fun doing them together - Not bad!!


    Most of you probably know this, but I didn't realize this before I started (I'm only kinda crafty), but you can get a corner cutter that will round out the corners in one simple punch.  It doesn't take much time and it makes them look a little more authentic (IMHO!).  We also made the small notch cut and I only saw comments about people using manicure scissors to make that cut.  Our designer friend gave us a tip to score the line, fold the paper, then use the corner cutter again to make the notch!  Soooo much easier!  It was hard to punch through the two layers of 110lb cardstock, but that has to be easier than scissors!  The fold goes back pretty flat and we were really happy with the result.



    Just about to board a plane so I can't post pics at the moment, but will do so in the next few days.



    All in all we were really happy we did them ourselves and love the final product!  Hope that helps make it easier for someone to decide if DIY is right for them!  Feel free to ask any questions!



    #2 loveweddings

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      Posted 19 December 2011 - 11:48 AM

      Wow, it definitely sounds you put in the time for those invites. Did you take any pictures of them while making them? Hopefully I can get some kind of a discount wherever I get mine printed. Good luck to you on your big day!

      #3 Jber713

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        Posted 21 December 2011 - 08:58 PM

        Can't wait to see pics!


        #4 SS2012

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          Posted 22 December 2011 - 07:05 PM

          wow congrats on the invites! cant wait to see them :)

          #5 lolo411

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            Posted 02 January 2012 - 08:37 AM

            That's great! Don't forget to post pics!

            #6 scooter514

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              Posted 02 January 2012 - 09:06 PM

              Can't wait to see pictures!

              #7 mimiq

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                Posted 04 January 2012 - 07:51 PM

                Hi guys,


                Sorry, got distracted by Christmas!  Here are pics - sorry they're not super focused.  I'm not too skilled with a camera, but hopefully they get the idea across (they look better in real life and without the blackout marks!!).  PM me if you have any questions!  All in all, our opinion was that if you're keeping it relatively simple and have a handful of hours to spare for assembly, it's worth it to DIY!!



                #8 lolo411

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                  Posted 05 January 2012 - 07:11 PM

                  They turned out great! Thanks for sharing. 

                  #9 Vanessa56

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                    Posted 06 January 2012 - 06:58 AM

                    Thanks for sharing, they look great!

                    #10 LisaMatterni

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                      Posted 06 January 2012 - 06:08 PM

                      I'm so lovin' with your creation! I love the envelope... :)

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