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venus909 i love you save the dates. I got a quote for some similar ones but not sure I want to spend about $400 for STD. I am not authorized to open your document and was wondering if you can email it to me? I would appeciate it thanks!!



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Originally Posted by venus909 View Post


Hello Ladies!


I have gotten sooo many ideas and helpful information from this website I figured I should probably contribute what I have come up with...


Here are my save the dates that I sent out this past May.  I have typed up how to instructions...let me know if you are interested and I'll post them.













I had to make almost 100 of them and I couldn't find enough of the orange sheets of paper, so I made them in 2 color schemes.  The colors for my wedding are Orange (mango), Fuschia (watermelon), and light blue (pool)





On the back of each "pass" I printed "This is not a valid voucher"  but I don't have a picture of that.



Thanks for looking!

They look fantastic! Where did you get your cardstock?

Making the boarding pass.doc

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These are beautiful. I'm totally going to copy parts of it, but I won't be making save the dates, so they'll be turned into invitations. I also have to make some in Spanish, I think DIY invitations will almost be a bit easier. 

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I love your save the dates.  I cannot seem to download the DIY instructions.  Would you be willing to e-mail them to me at doctordee0913@yahoo.com.




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Hi Everyone, sorry for being a pain, i know a lot of people have already asked but im new to these boards and ill probably be married before i get over 150 posts on here ;)


if anyone has the time and wouldnt mind could you please forward on the file for these save the date cards?!


really love the idea and the design.


my email address is: m_findlay@hotmail.com


thanks for all your help


i hope everyones wedding plans are coming along nicely and for those already married...congratulation, i hope you had an amazing day!!




Mark & Elaine

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