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  1. This is beautiful Venus, Where did you get the sandals for your bridesmaids? I love the cake and the white philanopsis orchid. OBSOLUTELY GORG!
  2. Hi Kristi, Thank you for your post. I am also getting married at the Suites and recently visited. There are lots of kids of the resort and though FI and I will be staying at the Grand. I am very concerned about my guests without kids having a good time. I really wish they had an area at the Suites ONLY for adults. Adults with kids in the pool, not fun at all. Thanks, Ana.
  3. Thank you Leah, I am using orchids as well and the guy does seem a bit too persistent. That made me very nervous. i was told Tai Flora is very expensive but I will give them a call and see.
  4. HI bcjs, how was your wedding and which travel agent did you use? My rates are alot higher for August and I want to compare.
  5. Hi Leah, who did you decide to use for the florist?
  6. Hi Jade, I am using Godfrey Guy too but he is charging me $1200 for the flowers for my centerpieces, huppa and boquets. I am using 6 centrpices and 6 boquets but I am providing my own vases and candles.He i charging me $85 for my boquet and $65 for each of the bridesmaids boquet. I was just wondering if he is charging me too much/ Let me know please
  7. Hello Futuremrsclark, Your rates are definitely lower than mine and my wedding is August 2012. Can you tel me which travel agent you used? Thanks
  8. Mrs. Timpone, This is gorgeous. Where did you buy the fabric for the huppa? Did you use all fuschia or shocking pink?
  9. I love your cake topper. Can I ask how tall is it and what paint did you use? I think I am going to copy it and mix mine with swaroski and regular crystals.
  10. I am certain it will. Just from seeing your creativity on here, I would order from you. All the best and I wish you a successful business
  11. wow, amazing that these are DIY! You should start a business doing this, u seem very creative. Did you mail your rsvp cards with paid postage?
  12. How did you fold the cardstock? Did you mail stamps with the rsvp postcards?
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