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  1. Hi MrsBtobe My wife and I were married in April last year at the Riu Caribe in Cancun. you have about the exact same numbers as we did, luckily all of our guest stayed at the same hotel so that meant we didn't need to pay for any day passes for any of our guests. the only real extra that we paid was the vendor fee for the outside photographer that we wanted and if i remember correctly it was only $200 USD. i travel agent is your best friend at the starting out point, they will be able to tell you what will be included within your wedding package and what extras you might be likely to incur. if you get a chance go to a few travel agents and talk to them about what you are looking for, they should be able to tell you what they have on offer. being from the UK too we booked everything through Thomson and we really couldn't fault them for anything to be honest. everything was handled by our wedding co-ordinator that comes as part of your wedding package and we both had an amazing day! if there's anything else that i can help with please let me know Mark
  2. Hi KatieMcBride, we booked our wedding over a year in advance and we had a contact straight away. it gave us someone to talk with and to ask questions that i no doubt know you will have even at this early stage. Email the hotel directly and ask for the best person to contact with regards to this, the person we spoke to was not the actual wedding co-ordinator, we didnt actually meet her until we arrived at the hotel but they were very helpful with the questions that we had to ask. i would have gave you that email address but they left the company shortly before our wedding (i hope it wasnt because we had stressed them out!! lol) at the semi private dinner we still done speeches etc depending on what time and location you choose will depend on whether you will need to give those speeches infront of some strangers!! unfortunately i cant help out with private reception or dance/DJ etc as we didnt do this but again someone in their wedding teasm will be able to help you with this. Mark
  3. Hi KatieMcBride, Although i am not a lady!! lol my wife and I were married at the Riu Caribe in April last year so if there are any questions that i may be able to help with please let me know and ill help in any way that i can. Mark P.S. congratulations on your engagement!!
  4. Hi Apr2016bride, congratulations on getting engaged!! my wife and i were married at the Riu Caribe hotel in April last year and we had an amazing wedding day. it started to rain shortly before our ceremony however it quickly brightened up and was gorgeous the rest of the day so it was perfect. if there is anything i can help with please let me know Mark
  5. Hi Crisandmark, first off congratulation on getting engaged. i will second the vote for Claudia Rodriguez. My wife and I decided to use Claudia after seeing her work and we never had a single regret. she is very friendly and helpful with everything that she can help with, she is also very prompt with her replies when you send her an email. on the day she was with my wife taking getting ready shots while her brother was with me and my best men. both were very professional and easy going. we were delighted with the pictures that Claudia produced for us of our special day. Mark
  6. Hi Krystinsanchez37, I'm not sure where you are from but i know coming from the UK that you have to be in the country for a minimum of 3 days before your wedding this doesn't include arrival day. not sure if this applies if you are from the US etc but my point would be that you will be possibly in the sun for a minimum of 3 days before your wedding unless you try to stay in the shade all of this time!! my wife and I got married in April and it wasn't too hot maybe high 20's degrees C however we got married out at the gazebo facing the sea so we got a nice breeze coming off the sea which kept us cool. i would look into specific hotel to see if they offer anything in the way of ocean facing indoor locations im sure they would be more than willing to give you advise. Mark
  7. Thanks for the information guys. we're actually already married Azulbride2014, we got married on 12th April 2014 at the Riu Caribe hotel in Cancun. We were just unsure of whether we had to register our marriage somewhere here in the UK now that we are home so that my new wife can get her name changed on all her documents i.e. passport, driving license etc
  8. Thanks pddcmc, i know we will need to get it translated into English and "certified" but i was wondering if we need to send a copy to a registery office or such like to make sure our marriage is recognised here in the UK. i'm amazed at the lack of information that can be found on this like this on the web. i have also contacted our travel company that we booked the wedding through (Thomson) as they have a specific wedding department that should hopefully be able to shed some light on the procedure.
  9. Hi All, I hope everyone's wedding plans are coming along nicely and you're not too stressed out. I had a question, mainly for past brides from UK, with regards to your wedding certificate after you are married. obviously the marriage certificate is in spanish when you first receive it but i was wondering what you do with it when you get back home?! do you have to "register" the marriage anywhere at all? i know that we need to get it translated into english but not really sure what to do with it after that?! Im surprised that there is a sever lack of information around about this type of thing considering people go away to get married every day!! any help of suggestions are more than welcome. Mark
  10. I'll post the pictures when we get them all together from our guests. I was more than happy with the on-site wedding co-ordinator, Veronia, that helped us. she was magnificent on the wedding day, it had started raining not long before our wedding time, 4pm, but she held off and held off as long as she could before deciding to go ahead with the wedding outside which we were delighted with. do you have a wedding co-ordinator that you are in contact with?
  11. im sure everything will be fine. the Riu are a chain hotel so they have places all over the world so im sure that they will have experienced staff there on site to help put you at ease.
  12. i wouldnt worry too much. the wedding co-ordinators do this every day and really do have everything arranged down to a tee! where are you getting married?
  13. i didnt see any weddings over in the Riu palace tho it does look like a very nice hotel tho. we were very lucky, our wedding was at 4pm and it was raining heavily at around 2.30. i had a lot of calls from the wedding co-ordinator trying to decide what to do. she was great though and held off until the last minute to see if the weather would pick up, thankfully it did so we were fine. we had the option of an actual beach wedding but my fiancee (now wife) wasnt keen on trying to walk down the beach in heels so we had it at a gazebo type thing that looked onto the beach.
  14. Hi All, well that's my and my fiancee officially married. we got married on 12th april 2014 at Riu caribe hotel in Cancun. must say after the year or so of stressing and making preparations the day went as well as we could have hoped. for anyone panicing all i can say is enjoy yourself, your wedding day comes and goes so quickly you will wonder why you were stressing out so much in the lead up. We were lucky in that it started to rain 2 hours before cerimony and it was looking like we were heading for an indoors wedding, i was gutted as we went away to get married in the sun, but fortunately the sun came out to play in time and we had an amazing wedding day. i special thanks has to go to the wedding co-ordinator on the day, Veronica, who made sure we were informed throughout the day what was happening and really left everything to the last minute before deciding not to bring everything indoors. if anyone has any questions that i could possible help with then i am more than willing to offer any advise that i can. i hope for those of you that are still planning that everything is going well and you all have a good a day as we did. Mark
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