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MJKH - Wedding week survival bags are done!!! Lots of pics : )

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Truly impressive bags, such attention to detail, and so much work on your end, but I know you enjoyed every minute of it.   Your guests are so lucky and and will find these OOT bags useful in so many ways.  Good  luck to you!  Wish I could have you do my OOT bags for me, lol.

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Well, our wedding is now over...we're a couple of weeks away from our first anniversary actually! My, how time flies...


We didn't take these bags with us...they were distributed at an open house we hosted about 8 weeks before the wedding. We did take three large rubbermaid totes with us full of wedding "stuff", including a few other treats we gave to guests at the welcome dinner, favours for the rehearsal dinner and wedding, decor, etc. We flew WestJet and the woman who checked us in (granted, we did arrive at the airport really early which I think helped our cause!) told us she would check them at no additional cost (she said "consider it an early wedding gift"). We totally lucked out there!

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Great job with the bags! Your guests will surely enjoy them!

Question: How are you getting them down to Mexico? Are you paying extra luggage fees?

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So, after almost 10 months of scouring BDW threads for ideas, couponing, collecting free samples and watching for bargains wherever I went, it was finally time to put our wedding week survival kits together!  Many of you already know that I have been agonizing over whether or not to take all of this stuff with us to compile the kits (and have them delivered as a surprise to each room) or to give them out before hand.  After studying the pile of goodies in my basement...and getting real with myself about how much OTHER stuff we have to take with us, we have decided to hand them out ahead of time to the majority of our guests.  We will be hosting a Christmas open house...that will give all the locals (friends and family) a chance to get to know each other a little better, and our guests an opportunity to ask questions about the resort, excursions, etc.  The compromise is that we will be taking along some edible treats...and a few other goodies (travel candle, photo album) that will be given/delivered to each guest the night of their arrival. Here goes... Each of the ladies will be given a toiletry bag filled with goodies.  The polka dot bags on the left side of the couch and the straw bags in the middle were purchased on clearance from Superstore at the end of the summer for between $3 and $4. IMG_0008.jpg Taking things out of packages and putting everything out to see...reminded me of playing "store" as a kid! IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0014.jpg IMG_0015.jpg I put a piece of tissue paper at the bottom of each toiletry bag to give it a "full" look. IMG_0017.jpg Just to give you an idea of what went into each bag for the ladies...shaving cream, razors, dry shampoo, kleenex, lip balm, sewing kit (Michael's), ecotools bamboo nail files and heal scrubber (http://www.minimus.biz), ms manicure kit (http://www.minimus.biz), nail polish remover wipes (http://www.minimus.biz), hand sanitizer (Bath and Body Works). IMG_0021.jpg We ordered the oversize postcards from Vistaprint for the tops of the bags and they worked perfectly!  I bought a boning knife from Michael's, measured for the mid-line of the card on the inside, put two tiny marks on each end and lined them up with a ruler.  When you run the boning knife alongside the ruler a couple of times, you get a crease which allows for a clean, smooth fold at the top of the card.  Then I clipped the edges for rounded corners... IMG_0019.jpg A last-minute addition to our group means I had to improvise (as I was out of toiletry bags and not wanting to purchase anything more).  This guest will be getting her toiletries in a pink sinamay bag I had on hand. IMG_0014-2.jpg Guests will also get a customized note pad and sticky note...all done (along with the stickers) by Vistaprint. IMG_0024.jpg This is one of the bags for the flower girls which includes a customized notebook from Vistaprint, a bunch of toys and books and a beach towel. IMG_0017-2.jpg The final product coming together...we gave our mothers extras in their kits and will inform our guests that, should they require more of anything the week of the wedding, they should check in with them!  We will also have a large kit that we will take along with us on excursions (containing sunscreen, bug spray, a first aid kit and over-the-counter meds). IMG_0029.jpg Burlap bags and tissue paper came from Dollarama.  Tags were business cards with the corners clipped from Vistaprint and tied on with natural jute twine.  DONE!!! IMG_0022.jpg What are we doing now?  Our goal is to get the pre-departure information booklets (passport style) done in the next week, printed and inserted in these passport covers from Michael's.  They will be given out along with the bags at the open house.  That way guests can actually take them to Mexico with their passports tucked safely inside.  Stay tuned... IMG_0001.jpg
These are fantastic!!

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