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  1. I ended up bringing 2 big boxes along with an old luggage, this was aside from our 2 luggages of clothes for the two weeks we were going to be down there for. When we came bk I sent back the old luggage with my parents with decor and threw away the other 2 boxes b/c I didn't need them anymore.
  2. Hi Girls, Just wanted to give an update on plaza zavaz, as of this morning it was still not up. We had our wedding in Friday. We had our cocktail party as planned at palapas yoga and then changed to the ballroom for the reception. To be honest they did a good job with the vision I had(especially after having changed the location at last minute). Everything went beautiful and at the end we were surrounded by our family and friends which was the most important part. At first I freaked BC I had my heart set on zavaz but there wasn't much I could do. Friday night it started to rain a bit so in the end I guess it worked out that I chose something indoors. Don't fret! Everything will work out in the end.😄
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsHK The weather reports down for down here are never accurate. Sometimes it says it's raining with thundershowers in the current forecast, and all I see is blue sky all day long. Lately it has been raining in the middle of the night a bit, but today is all blue skies! Mostly if it rains, it is just quick bursts of rain and sunshine afterwords. November is usually a lot less rainy than September and October. It also varies along the coast quite a bit and the showers are very isolated. It can be raining in Cancun but sunshine in Playa, or rain in Playa and sunshine 10 minutes up the highway at one of the resorts. My fiance says to not worry b/c its a week out but hearing this makes me feel better... Coming from someone whos actually down there.. Thanks so much! Today is my last day at work and tomorrow we get married here in NY! So excited... Ladies its almost here...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by laureninfw Nov 4 at dreams riviera cancun!! So excited!!! So soon ill be leaving!! I gotta start sleeping though So excited for you. We leave the 5th... Ive been following the weather and it looks like rain from 11/5-11/8, the 8th being my wedding date. Im really hoping its sunny and no rain... but at this point what can I do but pray... It looks like it supposed to be beautiful the 4th so hopefully you luck out. Lydia1120, Ive started tanning this week this way to give me a base, I burn at times so I really want to avoid that.
  5. OMG ladies we leave in 8 days! I still have packing to do but thats pretty much it. Super excited!!! Im taking a card box down but its one I have to put together so I can take it folded and then make it when I get to mexico. I got it at AC Moore. I figure if it doesnt come out good I just wont use it.
  6. I cant wait! 17 until we leave and 21 until the big day!!! So excited... Cant wait to leave already!!!!
  7. The resort we are getting married at asked for a playlist, im pretty sure if I just gave them some artists I liked he would know what to do but again I dont want to leave it to chance. I guess you can ask your WC to see if they need a list or just a few songs you wish to be played. The only songs I have to bring for the ipod dock are the ceremony and cocktail party playlist b/c the dj is only for the reception.
  8. Hi Ladies, This is my palylist for my upcoming wedding next month... Just need to decide on the ceremony playlist... Dinner Lets Get Married- Jagged Edge My Girl- Temptations Am I Dreaming - Keth Sweat ft Escape Back at One- Brian McKnight Amores Como El Nuestro- Jerry Rivera Always on My Mind- Elvis Presley Tu Amore Me Hace Bien- Marc Anthony Por Un Segundo- Aventura Frio Frio- Juan Luis Guerra ft Romeo Santos Lleva me contigo- Romeo Santos Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis Cant Let you Go- Falolous Forever My Lady- Jodeci Unthinkable- Alicia Keys Diary- Alicia Keys Freak Me- Silk Weak- SWV Give Me Everything- Pitbull ft Ne-yo Sweat Dreams- Beyonce Burbujas De Amor- Juan Luis Guerra If I Ever Fall In Love- Shai Reception Porque Me Haces Llorar- Anthony Santos Sobran las Palabras- Zacarias Ferreira Medicina De Amor- Raulin Rodriguez Me Enamore- Anthony Santos No te Via- Anthony Santos Siempre Sere - Tito Rojas Me Tienen Para- Omega Because of you - Bad Boy Joe Aprendere- Hector Acosta (El Torrito) Donde Estar- Anthony Santos Chamonea- Omega Rebelion- Joe Arroyo y La Verdad Bailando Por El Mundo- Juan Magan ft Pitbull y El Cata Toma -Pitbull ft Lil Jon Dale Para El Mambo-Omega Feel This Moment- Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke ft T.I. La Chiflera- Los Toros Band Sexy and I know it- LMFAO Nadie Se Muere- La Maquina Danza Kudura- Don Omar Hasta Abajo- Don Omar Cockiness- Rhianna Bojangles- Pitbull ft lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins Shots- LMFAO On the Floor- Jlo ft Pitbull Dance again- Jlo ft Pitbull Fuego- Pitbull Lets Get it Started - Black Eyed Peas Limb by Limb- Cutty Ranks Action- Nadine Sutherland & Terry Fabulous Algo Me Gust De Ti- Wisin y Yandel ft Chris Brown Party - Beyonce ft JCole Valio La Pena- Marc Anthony Moviendo Las Cadera- Oro Solido Taboo- Don Omar Corazoncito- Aventura Obsesion- Aventura El Malo- Aventura Spring Love- Stevie B Dream Boy Dream Girl- Stevie B I Wanna Be the One- Stevie B Together Forever- Lisette melendez Change on Me- Cynthia You- Romeo Santos Carnaval- Tito EL Bambino Hable De Ti- Yandel Propuesto Indecente- Romeo Santos Un Beso- Aventura I Wonder If I Can Take You Home- Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam The Anthem- Pitbull ft Lil Jon Please dont Stop the Music- Rhianna Move Ya Body- Nina Sky Live it Up- Jlo & Pitbull I Know You Want Me- (Calle Ocho)-Pitbull Pour it Up-Rhianna Hold on Were Going Home- Drake No Soy Un Hombre Malo- Hector Acosta (El Torito) She Doesn't Mind(Remix)- Sean Paul Ft Pitbull Get Busy- Sean Paul Everyone Falls in Love- Tanto Metro & Devonte International Love- Pitbull Ft Chris Brown Work It- Missy Elliot Donde Estan Esos Amigos- El Chaval Fin De Semana- Los Hermanos Rosario Hotel room Service- Pitbull Dile Al Amor- Aventura
  9. I got my deck of cards from doillar tree, 2 per pack/box so worked out to .50per deck. The only thing is that once you open the box they are only wrapped in plastic but I had made up some personalised sticker labels on vistaprint that went over one side so its kinda personalized for us.
  10. Thanks so much for the posts ladies! I will post my playlist when Im done!
  11. Oh and I forgot Koozies... lol...
  12. Heres what I have in my OOT bags: DIY Personalized travel mugs first aid kits chapstick aloe vera DND door hanger Manicure kits Starfish Bottle Opener Barefoot Sandals(Girls only) Beach ball(couldn't think of anything else for guys) Deck of cards Personalized pad and pen individual sized SPF Bug Off Bands ( I think thats what they are called- for mosquitoes) Hand Saniters Wash cloth for guys and spongy loofa ball for girls I think I may be missing some stuff but cant remember right now...
  13. Hello November Brides, I cant believe Im about a month and a week away from leaving! The time has gone by so fast girls. Im feeling like Im somewhat on track but still have some things to do. -Finish the barefoot sandals for female guests- still need 5 to do -Get intimate wear for under dress as well as honeymoon -Complete our reception playlist for DJ -Finish small projects (tags for pashminas, place personalized labels on fans, place stickers on some of the last minute items purchased for OOT Bags) -BIG ITEM- my dress still isnt in but once it comes in I need to get fitted for wedding dress -get fitted for second dress(reception dress) -bridal party personalized gifts -need to take back hubby's ring for resizing(purchased too big) -Pick up my wedding band- lost ticket the store gave me which is why I have been putting this off!... EEKKKK -Get flower girl shoes/sandals (my daughters) -pick hair style for myself and the 2 flower girls -Vows Ok so looking at this list it still looks like I have some stuff to do... i plan to get alot done this week. I hope.... Is everyone putting their OOT bags together here? I want to begin packing next week sometime once I have all the small projects completed to just get things out of the way and also to see if I am going to need more luggages. Is everyone packing their wedding stuff in luggages or bringing down in a seperate box? How are you guys bringing your stuff down? I feel like I have a lot to bring down... Well Good Luck to everyone with their last bit of planning!!!
  14. Hi Lola, We actually didn't block rooms because we were pretty sure it wasn't going to be a huge turn out, we received a rate with a 30% or 35% discount(Cant remember) if ppl booked by a certain date. As long as 5 rooms were booked, we would all receive that discount. When we sent the save the dates we gave the guest pricing on a standard room for 3, 4 and 5 night just so they had an idea and then added a blurb letting them know upgraded categories would be add'l. I gave them the date they had to book by to receive this rate. Then about a month from that date I sent emails out just reminding ppl. After the date passed I reached out to my TA and asked her what pricing would be at that point and the discount had dropped by 10% and would be at that rate til the end of the month, so I sent another email letting some ppl that I knew had expressed interest in going but just didnt book. Most of the guests that I knew were coming had booked by the first deadline. Hope that helps. Jess
  15. LilPumkin, so excited for you! Have a great time and I look forward to seeing some pictures. I cant wait for our day to come. Just a little under 2 months left.
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