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  1. We booked La Petite Creperie for our reception on Friday, May 17, 2013. The restaurant is normally open on Fridays (as of right now anyway, who knows, these things change...). Since they had to close to restaurant for our evening reception (6 -10 PM), they charged us an additional $2,000 to rent the restaurant to make up for "lost business." The restaurant holds 60 people, and our group totaled 43 guests, so La Petite Creperie was just the perfect size. We are glad that we booked it. It is a beautiful location. Amanda / acd8809@yahoo.com
  2. Wow, great, thank you alexisinjamaica- I would have never thought Michael's had such items. There is a store about 25 minutes from my house... Thanks for the info! Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  3. lbaker, you provided a fantastic, thorough, and helpful review of OCT Resort for any bride. Your review has answered some of the questions that I have about OCT, and provided me with confidence in my choice for a wedding destination resort. Everything looks beautiful, and you look so happy! Congrats! Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  4. RToovey, That is one of my questions, also! I would like to have that kind of information printed up for my guests before I fly to MX, but how can that happen if you only get most answers or most things finalized until you arrive at the resort? I have been wondering what other destination brides do for place cards, seating charts, menu cards, etc. Maybe when you have a DW, you cannot have these types of things simply because you do not have enough time in advance to print them up, or because a bride is "winging it?" I am a "hands-on" type of person who wants evrything taken care of up front, I guess that makes me feel more in control of a situation. Past brides, what have you done when it comes to printed escort cards, place cards, menu cards, seating chart, etc? Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  5. Dear swabbett, re: post # 1856 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So many thanks for posting the various documents, some of which have changed from 2012, and some of which I have never even seen! An exceptionally helpful post for me, and other future brides, I am sure. I think the OCT Resort should have a link on its own website containing all wedding-related documents and keep it current instead of everybody having to beg for them or ask other girls for them. Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  6. To Jessica F: According to a document I received in the summer of 2012 entitled "Wedding Check List-OCT.xls" the resort has the following bow colors available for no charge: Turquesa blue, navy blue, fuchsia, red and yellow. It states that other colors can be rented for $3 (three dollars) per bow. I tried to upload the 4 page document here, but could not figure out how to do it. If you would like this document and any others, email me at the address below. I can send the document(s) to you via email -- I do know how to attach documents to an email. Good luck with your planning! I am tying the knot at OCT in mid May. Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  7. Wow! I had absolutely no idea that such a thing existed! Who would have ever thought of a stuffed donkey??? That donkey is a lot better looking than I thought it would be, but in no way would I be willing to pay $ to rent it. PS: Gotta love those wheels, haha! Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  8. Oh, I thnk that would be hilarious!!! I just wouldn't want to be the person at the back end, lol. Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  9. I absolutely love the Bride and Groom chair signs! Where did you find them? Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  10. Hi ajhutch, After reading your post I decided to contact DJ Bob I ( http://weddingdjrivieramaya.com/) for our reception . From his website, he does look like a fun-kind-of-guy who would keep things rolling with the guests. He would fit into our budget, and he is available on our wedding day. There is only one problem that I noticed while reading his email: DJ Bob stated, "Because of my equipment I can't play out in the complete open or in the sand. I strongly suggest you have the dinner/reception in an area that you won't have to worry about the weather so you can relax and enjoy." Our reception is not on the beach, so that is not a problem. However, being out in the "complete open" is a problem. Where are you holding your reception? Is it in one of the inside ballrooms because this DJ won't play ourdoors? Our reception is outside on a terrace, which I would consider a "complete open space." I know most reception at OCT are "in the open," and an indoor reception is usually a back-up site just in case of bad weather. I was just wondering if your reception, like most, is "outside." If so, how did you get DJ Bob to agree to DJ your reception in the "complete open?" From his email, it sounds like he will only DJ under a covered roof... Thanks! Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  11. I am thinking of using Planner 1 Events for our Mexican Fiesta-themed wedding. I am still waiting to hear from them with a quote for decorations, etc. I am looking to them for guidance concerning the wedding, because it is so difficult to communicate with the WC at the resort (Ocean Coral and Turquesa). They take a long time to respond to inquiries, and when they do, there is a tremendous language barrier... Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
  12. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Tony Ruesg (Juan Navarro Photographers) is available for my wedding on May 17, 2013. His prices are so reasonable! I just emailed him to see if he still has that date open. I was not going to do a TTD at a cenote, but after looking at all the beautiful photos of cenotes, I just can't resist booking a TTD session afterwards! Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com
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