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  1. I had a symbollic ceremony, so I'm not sure if that changes things regarding the wedding package. It cost me $1275 USD for the wedding package, which I believe is the only option available for symbollic ceremony (unless you've requested for another package specifically for their features). I think it's called the Remember Package. For the poolside reception, it was from 8-11pm. We paid for the following: "A private pool party with a cost of 1020 USD per 40 people max and 3hrs of special drinks (pina colada, margaritas, sparkling wine, beers) and obviously shots, as well as drinks you wer
  2. Sorry about the late response. Jazmin told me about the deposit before I left for Mexico. The final email she sent me, she mentioned the cash deposit. Again, I'm not sure if this is standard across all 3 of the resorts or if that was just for Tulum. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pictures. This is a picture of my cake that we got... we had dinner at the Don Pablo on Tulum. We had the 3 milks (tres leches) and it was AMAZING! I had to request for a 2-tier cake from Jazmin though. I asked her to make the 2 tiers smaller than usual just so I can't have the layers. My
  3. The white sashes on the chairs were included in the price for the wedding package. I didn't need to pay extra for that. It rained on the day of my wedding, so we didn't end up having the poolside reception. However, I did see another wedding with the poolside reception at the pool by Gran Tortuga. For us, we didn't do the cocktail hour so we just did our speeches during the dinner in Don Pablo. We didn't use a mic or anything, but if you spoke normally, I think your guest should still hear you, even at Tequila restaurant (assuming you're a small sectioned off area in the restaurant).
  4. Jazmin gave me a little note/letter to give out to all the guests to give them a brief timeline of the events that day for those who are not part of the wedding party. It had the time and location of where to meet within the resort to head over to the ceremony site. It was helpful too when your friends and family can pass on the information just in case you can't reach all your guests in time. The letter is given to bride/groom at the meeting with the WC, so you would have to hunt down your guests or have the resort put it in their rooms. If you're referring to communication with the gues
  5. The red carpet was a free option, if you wanted it. I would just confirm with the WC before you request for it though, just because each WC seems to be telling their brides different things sometimes.
  6. The ceremony took approximately 30 minutes. It wasn't very long, and this is also after we had an extra 5 minutes or so of my sister in law doing a quick reading for us. The new website is difficult to upload photos, but I was able to find this one of us during the ceremony at the gazebo in Tulum.
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by egagne87 Quote:Originally Posted by futuremrswarner Oh just some quick things as well: Travel Agent: Shelley Elkas from DestinationWeddings.com Airline: Air Canada Rouge Photographer: Photos In Cancun Make-Up & Hair: Styling Trio Riviera Maya (Adira Guerra and his team) DJ: DJ Bob Dinner Menu: - Don Pablo salad - chicken broth - surf and turf - three milk wedding cake I'm wondering about your marriage certificate, did you have the legal wedding and the appostilled certificate was given to you before you departed for home?
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by nic817 Thanks for your informative post. It is so helpful to read these details. Which part of the resort did you stay in? Did you find it windy at the gazebo? (Wondering for hair) I stayed in Villa 4 on Tulum. It was the closest block of villas to the main area. I'm not sure if we got an upgrade, but when my family and friends came to my room, they did say that the room we had was bigger (with an additional sitting area). It was not too noisy, because we didn't hear much of the main lobby bar from our room, and we were pretty close to it. On the day of my wedd
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by arinmarie10 Quote: Thank you so much for your post - that's awesome that you had such a great experience. Couple of questions for you - How many guests did you have at your dinner? How long did the dinner last? Did you tip Jasmin/Karla, or anyone else that helped with your wedding?? (not sure if this is something some/most brides do!?) Thanks for your help! I had 32 guests at dinner excluding the bride and groom, including the photographers. The dinner started at 6pm and should have ended at 8pm, but I think we went over the time by 15-30 minutes becaus
  10. Oh just some quick things as well: Travel Agent: Shelley Elkas from DestinationWeddings.com Airline: Air Canada Rouge Photographer: Photos In Cancun Make-Up & Hair: Styling Trio Riviera Maya (Adira Guerra and his team) DJ: DJ Bob Dinner Menu: - Don Pablo salad - chicken broth - surf and turf - three milk wedding cake
  11. This is going to be a long one. Be prepared. My experience with Bahia Principe Tulum, Jazmin and her assistant Karla, was great. I believe I placed my deposit around November 2012 for my wedding in November 2013. Jazmin introduced herself to me 2 months later, and by then, she had confirmed my wedding date and time for me. Based on the posts from the past brides on BDW, I had written down a list of questions for Jazmin already, so I asked her as much as I could with the first email I sent her. During that time, her email responses were within 2 weeks to a months time, but all my questi
  12. It's hard to hear from other brides that their experience were that much of a nightmare. I would've freaked out if that was me. Luckily, my experience was not bad at all, dealing with the WCs from Tulum. I can write a review for those of you getting married on Tulum and working with Jazmin, if any ladies would like to hear, let me know.
  13. This was in the Tulum lobby. They have pillars in the Coba lobby as well, and I believe the Coba lobby has 3 pillars. The Akumal lobby is some kind of statue, so it doesn't look the same.
  14. Yes, I used Photos In Cancun, but I had a hard time arguing my way out of that one. Derek is from Toronto and they're friends of ours. I had sent an email to Arrecife Studios to let them know I wouldn't need their services, but they didn't reply me. So I took it as they're ok with it. When I arrived at the meeting with the WC that day, you actually meet with Arrecife representative first, and they gave me a hard time, but Derek and Lorena stayed at the resort for the required 5 nights, so they couldn't really say anything.
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