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Amanda+Dave's planning thread ... we leave in less than 24 hours

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We are back from an amazing trip!! Wish were still there but missed our puppies like crazy.

I will post a full review in a few days when I have some time.

The wedding day was everything we imagined, we had the best weather of the trip which meant no rain. There were a few hiccups and one vendor will be getting a terrible review but we didn't let it ruin our day.

Our photographer was a blast to work with and I cannot wait to get the pictures (which won't be for a few weeks :( )

Nadyleah — ask away. Casa de las Brisas was amazing and a place I would recommend. If you need advice on vendors, let me know. Our cake was amazing, exactly what we asked for and tasted divine. The photographer was amazing as well. I cannot help with you with flowers or rentals as the place we used was terrible (see earlier where I say a vendor will get a terrible review).

Our chef at the villa was amazing, he really became a part of our group. He and his fiancee (who was his assistant) even salsa danced with my husband and I at the reception and got us a gift we will always cherish.

We will definitely be returning to Manuel Antonio!!!

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I agree!!  @Amanda+Dave  please come back and post your pictures!!  Your location looks SO AMAZING.  I'm dying to see your pro pics.

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