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    April 23, 2015
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    Royalton Resort- Jellyfish
  1. You look amazing in both. Also you looking better in your dress then the modal.
  2. Me to, but i couldnt wait and paid when i fist started. But you go girl.
  3. I'm making mine. My RSVP card are Boarding so I need a bigger envelope. And then i was thinking about using a clear envelope to seal it.
  4. Congrats and Welcome, you will find a lot of information and ideas from this site. Look for your own resorts then look at reviews here which can help narrow your pick down. happy planning.
  5. Don't be embarrass to ask your TA. You won't to make sure you understand every part of process for your wedding. There is no question they haven't heard.
  6. Congrats, My wedding is also April 2015 in Punta Cana. I'm using Patty with Wright Travel and has been amazing. Good look in your planning. I feel like after I sent out my STD last week, im sitting around like, what's next. Don't won't to leave anything to the last min. I have wedding on the brain 24-7.
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