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  1. Hi ladies!! Sorry I have been MIA since the wedding I have just been crazy at work and settling in. I have received my highlight video and I thought maybe it would help get a few of the girls familiar with Barcelo. I know how stressful it can be planning a wedding in a different country and have no idea what some of the areas look like. I was not lucky enough to have done a site visit prior to the wedding so I was a bit nervous. I will let you know now as hard as it seems at times to relax and not stress! They did an outstanding job from the minute we checked in!!! Everyone who came was extrem
  2. yes photographer must have a 2 nights . & also if you have videographer they also need to have a room booked or you will be charged
  3. I would def go with the violin, I had the violin and it sounded amazing! I heard the sax during another wedding didnt compare!
  4. I HIGHLY recommend the surf & turf, the steak was AMAZING!! They will not be disappointed! Best part people were ordering seconds with no extra charge!
  5. hey ladies i see no one has attached a template. here is mine. hopes that helps. SurvivalKit Topper.ppt
  6. hmm thats a good question. I know Barcelo has a facebook page and they usually respond quickly.
  7. Heidilynn hopefully you can see the attachment of the chair sashes. sashes.doc
  8. love the review! your flowers were gorgeous!!! I think i choose the same one.
  9. Thanks!! good luck to all the entries! http://pinterest.com/mrscmor/winter-wedding-board/
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