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Jen's DIY Boarding pass invites - pics!

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Okay ladies - I finished my boarding pass invites and have mailed all 140 of them. It took me about 2 weeks to completely finish and I had help from my sister who is a graphic designer, she took my ideas and made them reality. I printed everything off from my home computer.

I bought all my supplies from Michaels since they always have a sale and/or a 40-60% off coupon. I bought all my paper and envelopes from Paperandmore.com. I also bought wrapping paper from Target and created the envelope liner from scratch. As much folding, cutting and more cutting was involved it was soooooo worth it. Ultimately the total cost of all the paper supplies I used along with puncher and cutting tools was about $330.


I should of took pics with my camera and not my phone, but they give you an idea.....


This is the actual 3 boarding passes, the last one is a RSVP as well that can be torn off and mailed back to us...



This is a pic of the sleeve, I rounded the corners and made a angled cut to show the invite...I also glued the end so the invite wouldn't slipout... Then at the last minute I bought a stamp and stamped the "Fun in the Sun"...




This is what the final product looked like, I bought Pink and Silver wrapping Raffia Ribbon from The Container Store ...


And this last picture is what the envelope liner looked like once I was done....



Here is the label, I really wanted "Ticket To Paradise" on there somewhere:)


Since I pulled a lot of these ideas from this site and have continued to do so I wanted to share this with everyone. I have already had many guests say they are the best invites they have ever seen and a some of my friends did not even know I made them myself, so ladies....trust me, if I can pull it off so can all of you!!!


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I am currently working on my invites as well. A template would be greatly appreciated. These invitations and final product are GORGEOUS!!! Great job!

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