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  1. Leaving on Saturday, so nervousssssss!!
  2. Details..i love it!!! congratz on the wedding and the baby!!
  3. Traceyyyyy...that's my dress too!! I love her...i didn't want to take her off as well.
  4. We got our group rated like 7 months ago.
  5. Kevan is our dj too..i've read nothing but good things about him. As for make up artist it;s going to be Rashel.
  6. CONGRATZZ!!! Sounds like you had a blast.. I can't wait till my wedding. just wondering who your dj was and your wedding coordinator as you had nothing but great things to say. Can't wait to see your planning thread and pics. once again CONGRATZ!
  7. ShellyCarter

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    for some reason i can post pic's lol but i'll email them to you. i actually was talking to debbie at first but when i went to see the flowers in person, it wasn't what i thought it would be. and judy from bloombridal is soo easy to work with and i love what she did with my flowers. p.s i think judy was cheaper for me.
  8. we got for GPLH $1500. with the travel agent and without the travel it would of been $1700 My cousin booked 2 weeks ago and she paid $1450 so i dont think the price droped my much.
  9. ShellyCarter

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    My Real touch flowers
  10. Everything looks great!! p.s How did you make your barefoot jew?
  11. Congratz!! Thank you for sharing very helpful!
  12. everything looks great!!! &&& i really loved your cake it was soooooooooooo cute.
  13. ShellyCarter

    The Official INSANITY Support Thread

    Just started insanity, holy sh** it's sooo intense. Wish me luck
  14. ShellyCarter

    Jan's Flowers-Quote

    Kristy28 --yes thats from tai.. but i'm going with Jan's flowers there prices were better for me. Flowers: chrysanthemums, carnations and orchids Requirements: Gazebo decorated with fabric, 4 floral pieces and hanging pearls $300.00 30 Silver chiavari chairs with fuchsia sashes @ $5 $150.00 Head table for 6 decorated with fabric and flowers from gazebo $ 80.00 6 Centrepieces using 2 cylinder vases in varying heights with submerged fuschia $240.00 dendrobium orchids, floating candles and draped pearls, votives at the base @ $40 PACKAGE COST: US$770.00 TRANSPORTATION COST $ 50.00 TOTAL PACKAGE COST $820.00 Deposit Visa App#000552 $410.00 BALANCE $410.00 this is my contract with jan flowers.