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  1. Since we are getting married in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and actually get home a week before Christmas, we elected to do our AHR as a pre-party earlier this year.
  2. I bought a package of flowers, which were real touch flowers, which included plumerias, orchids, calla lillies and some hibiscus(these were not real touch). The package came with 3 bouquets, 2 corsages and some single stem bouts, that with a little extra work on my part, I was able to make what I needed. I have 1 larger bouquet for me, 1 smaller for my MOH. 3 corsages for the moms and grandma, two i made into wrist corsages and 1 pin-on. The groom's bout I redid to include 2 flowers and leaves, the best man, did with 1 flower and leaves, the dads bouts, I am not sure we will use, but they are single stem with ribbon. I added some flowers to the basket for the flower girl to carry. And I have multiple flowers remaining to use on or around the cake. All this for almost $300. It is much pricier than using the white bouquet that comes with thecruiseline package, but I am getting almost exactly what I want (in a perfect world, I could have real flowers...). If you are very handy at arranging flowers, you can even order stems online for an even bigger discount than buying an already made bouquet. Not all flowers are readily available (like the plumerias that I had to have LOL)
  3. We chose to go with the DJ. We get married on Dec 3, so I can't tell you how it goes, but we thought that since it was the same price as having the social host to play our ipod as it was to have the DJ, why not? This way, we don't have to download all the music ourselves and our guests can make requests if they want to.
  4. Hey ladies, thank you for your kind thoughts for me! I have been able to calm down a slight bit since last week. I am trying to get organized and if you have any pointers, that would be wonderful! I finished my bouquets, flower girl basket, boutinere, corsages. We have our clothing and accessories all purchased. We have our rings. I need to figure out a hairdo. We aready wrote our ceremony and selected music for the ceremony and first dance, father/daughter dance. Hotels are booked, car rental booked, flights booked. "rehersal" dinner reservation is pending. OOT bags are almost ready, just have to put together. I guess I need programs, a signature book or something similar, favors. What else could I need to do?
  5. Not at all. I am actually just starting to panic! LOL Unfortunately, FI's grandmother has been very ill the last month and a half and we have been taking care of her on shifts, round the clock, between us, FI's mother and sister. She passed away this week and we are preoccupied with this whole situation. Not that I am complaining, but me being a bride has taken back seat completely. Now that I have so little time, I am in panic mode, because I don't even know what I am supposed to be finishing at this point! Crazy, I know.
  6. So you're wedding happened already, what ended up happening with the BM? Curious minds want to know!
  7. that's pretty crazy.. one minute you think you are going to your brother's wedding, the next thing you know, it is your own! LOL I am guessing this was an arrangement marriage, so the groom's family had to keep some semblance of the deal if they could... wow
  8. It's always touchy when someone feels left out or excluded. When you are the one not chosen, it is very hard to see reason. Maybe the other two friends didn't realize you weren't as close to them as they thought they were to you. Just try to include all of them as much as possible.
  9. I so love these welcome packets. You have given me a great headstart to what I need to get together for my guests.
  10. Wow, I like those. Too bad I already have my bags, but I may go pick one up just for me!
  11. Cute find! For the wedding, they may only need a tissue or two, so should be okay if the size is a little smaller I guess.
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