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My Obsession with Swarovski Crystal! Menus, Matches and coming soon... Programs!

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Hi Ladies!


I have to share my new obsession with swarovski crystals!  I've been jazzing everything up with them!


Here's my Story...  well the picture version, anyway.


These are my wedding shoes.  They have inspired me and perhaps, changed my life





These are our reception dinner menus:




I created them on Word, included our Monogram and  printed them out on parchment paper.  Then my MoH and I burned all the edges and used spray glue (my new best friend) to attach them to this beautiful gold cardstock that I found at an art supply store.  THEN!!!  I attached 1 9ss Swarovski Crystal to the base of Monogram.  Ta-Da!  




And then.... I decided to add swarovski crystals to our personalized matches.  We had ordered them for beau-coup and we weren't crazy about how they looked.




Add 3 crystals using a little super glue and wa-la!




next up... my wedding programs!



you can pick up swarovski crystals on Amazon.  The 9ss cost $9 for 144 but they look like a million bucks!

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Wow that is a lot cheaper than i would have thought for swarovski crystal.. I love that you added it to your matches and menu!! And i LOVE your shoes!!!

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what is the difference between flat backs and hotfix? and what sizes would you recommend. like i wanna do some shoes, and other things.. but i dont want them too small./..... argh idk


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