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How much did you spend on your invitations?

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We used Vista Print and opted for a postcard theme:


100 postcards as Save-the-Dates

100 Oversized postcards as invitations

100 "Boarding Call" RSVPs

100 "Resort Cards" - we included a postcard on the resort to whet guest appetites

100 STD magnets -guests loved these!

100 "Passports" - notecards that we called "Passport to Paradise" to insert it all cards into

250 "Contact Cards"- business cards that we put our personal contact info, website and email addresses on

100 return envelopes

100 mailing envelopes

International and domestic postage for 100 invitations

Large palm tree stamp from Michaels

Aqua and gold stamp pads

9 rolls of aqua satin ribbon to tie it all together

120 Martha Stewart aqua coloured crystals as embellishments - added an extra air of class


Not bad at all for $350!


They were creative and packed full of information. We got millions of compliments! We even had some people call us to RSVP...they said they loved the response card so much they were keeping it!

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I think theres a whole range in prices - it just depends what you're looking for and if you want to do some of it yourself.. I hope to keep my cost at about $3-3.50 each but I dont need a bunch of inserts,etc. in mine and plan to make the map myself.

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Our travel agent provided invitations for free if we booked through them. Not all travel agencies do this, but it's worth asking.


I bought the save the date magnets, and spent about $80 for 50 of them.

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vistaprint all the way!! you can almost always find 40% or 50% of sales too. and they honestly, have some pretty decent out-of-the-box designs, if you're not design savvy. 


I custom designed our ticket-themed invites and printed via Vistaprint.


100 invitations -  4" x 8"

100 travel info cards - 4" x 8" 

= $82 (50% off coupon) 


I did have to buy paper from Michaels for the ticket jacket - $8 for a pack of 150 sheets (50% off coupon)

I also had to buy card stock for our luggage-tag RSVP cards - $7 for pack of 200 sheets (50% off coupon)

I also had to source envelopes. the ones that came with the order from vistaprint were plain white and I wanted something prettier - $10 for 100 at JoAnn


All in, for 100 invites, $107


One thing to think about - postage! we stamped the envelopes with a regular stamp and right before I dropped them in the mail, I had the post office confirm the weight and what would you know - they required extra postage. glad we figured out before I mailed them, but it was a surprise. *have the post office weigh before you stamp* :)

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