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Starfish and Palm Tree Boarding Pass Invitations

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I'm finally getting around to post our invitations! They were done by Faccia Dolce Invitations (a very small local company in NJ). She did such a wonderful job that I hired her to do our programs as well! 


This is the entire suite: boarding pass holder with 2 inserts, luggage tag RSVP and envelopes



This is the front cover: We went with our slogan " A Wedding A Party A Vacation" when you first open the envelope to give guests the vibe we are going for




First insert:



2nd insert: Travel agent and booking information



Luggage tag RSVPs and return envelope



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They look great! And I love your slogan!

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Hi! I am also in the Jersey Shore area! I was wondering two things 1) what is the contact info for your invitations?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and I would love to talk to the company about doing something similar for my wedding! and 2) what travel agency are you using!?  We just got engaged two weeks ago so we are in the beginning stages of planning for may-june 2013 Id love to get in contact with a great TA so we can give all of our guests enough time to plan and come! Thanks so much in advance! 

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