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  1. I'm back from an amazing week and finally a Mrs!!! The weather was perfect all week and the only time it rained was when we were leaving!! Congrats to all the other April brides!! Hopefully, I will get my photos soon to post. Our only issue was getting on the plane...a couple people (not from our group) got taken off the plane because they were too drunk to fly. It delayed us by about an hour.
  2. Welcome home Erica!! Beautiful photos! Leaving for the airport in very shortly!! Can't believe this day has finally arrived!! Hope all you other brides have an amazing time! See everyone in a week!!
  3. We are leaving for the airport in a few short hours!! Getting married on Tuesday!! Can't wait to get to the airport and get on the plane!! Fingers crossed we don't have to pay that much extra for our luggage!
  4. Today is my last day of work!! Yay!! We leave on Sunday. Doesn't feel real that is finally here.... Hope everyone's wedding is amazing!!
  5. We will!! Can't wait to hear all about your wedding and see some photos! Hope you have an amazing week too!
  6. It's getting closer for me!! We leave on Sunday!!! Cannot wait to be in Punta Cana!! Hope everything goes great for you and enjoy your wedding week astef!!
  7. beachbum - I'm sure everything will come together!! Enjoy your week and the sunshine!! I leave on Sunday!! Yay!! Only 3 more work days left to go. It's going to be busy getting everything together but really looking forward to getting away!!
  8. Jana - Those menu cards are too cute!! I'm sure no one will notice it!! I had my bachelorette party last night. My girlfriends planned a girls photo shoot for us!! It was soo much fun and such a good idea!! Can't wait to see how all the pictures turned out. I'm feeling a little tired today but not too hungover. Lol!! 2 weeks from today and we are on the plan heading to Punta Cana!!!
  9. Can't believe we are getting soo close!! Getting more excited by the day. Only a few small things left to check off the list. My bachelorette party is the weekend and I have no idea what is planned for me. Should be interesting!! How is everything with you?
  10. Good luck canadiangirl!! I know you will have an amazing time! Seeing your post reminds me that I leave in 17 days!! Yipee!!
  11. I had my final dress fitting on the weekend. My dress fits perfectly!! In less than 3 weeks we'll be in Punta Cana!! FI and I made our final to-do list last night and not much left to do at all. I even had FI start packing!
  12. Thank you Julie!! Only 22 days until we leave. Just finishing up the little things. Not to much left to do at all. Your date is getting closer too. How is your planning going?
  13. We leave on April 15th!! Only 33 days away. It's going to be a busy few weeks.
  14. Norma...you look amazing and very happy!!! So in the middle of wedding planning, my FI and I decide to buy a house. I'm thinking we are a little crazy but what can you do? Going to a couple open houses today with my parents so they can help us decide. I never realized making this decision would be that difficult. Almost worse than deciding on a resort! Lol!!
  15. Only 40 days left for me to go!! I think my bachelorette is on March 31st but no one is telling me anything about it!! I wonder what they are planning? Lol! Just a few little things left on my to do list. This weekend I need to finish the iron-on transfer I bought. I have one that says Bride To be (for a tank top) and the other one has Mrs (for bikini bottoms). Any of you ladies ever done these before? My FI, in cleaning mood, threw out my directions.
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