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ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

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I think that's something I'll have to look into. We have a very good BM so he may 'argue' the system out for us, but I rather have a station with us. Thanks for the advice.


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I was told also just recently that they do not accommodate music at the semi-private receptions.  I know there have been many, many changes with things there since Chandlyn, the original wedding coordinator, was released last year.  I am going to bring our Ipod and dock just in case.  I'd love to have "our" music choices playing during dinner if at all possible. 

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I'm surprised how much nicer and larger your free bouquet looks compared to the sample pictures you get from Tai.  I was having a hard time deciding on what to do and can't see spending all the extra $ for a different one.  It's just not going to match what I was making for my daughter to carry but oh well. 

Originally Posted by dayna_123 View Post



These are the free option flowers. 


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I have been in contact with the WC a lot over the last few weeks (we fly out in less than 2 weeks!!) and have found out a few things too....however i know for a fact that she changes her prices based on who she is talking to and therefore some of you my have different answers to me!  


* You can have your own ipod system for a beach party or pool reception but they tend to find it is not loud enough to hear

* you can hire a dj system without a dj for you to play your own music but it is not much cheaper than an actual Dj!

* The DJ will play any music you like and has a dock for ipods

* The vendor fee for any outside vendor is $350

* If you have a beach party Tiki torches are included BUT the next email said they were no longer used!!!!

* You can hire a catamaran to take your guests on a boat ride around the island at a cost of $85 per person

* Canapes are available for after your ceromony starting from $11 pp ( i have the menu if anyone want it)




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Did Keisha just send you the Steakhouse menu for the semi-private receptions?  I had not done menu cards as I wasn't quite sure what to put on them.  If this is the case, I may go ahead and make some.


Originally Posted by bmadzia1 View Post

lol... above is the Extras and not the menu.  Here is the menu for the steakhouse


S  T  E  A  K     H  O  U  S  E


M           E             N           U





Onion soup with cheese croutons




Embark in our Delicious salad buffet




10 ounces beef master tenderloin


Butterfly herbs chicken breast


Center cut Pork Chops with fresh Apples Couli


Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Strawberries special couli


Mixed grilled combination (chicken, shrimp, tenderloin and sausage)

Caribbean Sea red snapper


8 ounces Australian cube roll





Pepper sauce

BBQ sauce



All steak are served with sauted italian

Vegetables and baked potato




Desserts bar, sliced fruit, ice cream and bread buffet



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Darn, typed about half a page, and then had to look something up and here I am typing the same messag again LOL


Hutchets - she sent it to me early Feb. so it is pretty 'fresh' :)


I'm hoping that we can rent the system (don't care about the cost for this!) It is a MUST. 


That's funny - they give you tiki torches but they don't use them LOL.  I'm sure everything has a $ and it's usable again. 


With regards to the 'optional extra's".  It says $10.50 for addtional person. Does this mean that when I exceed the number of people in my package i.e 15, I have to pay extra for each addtional person if I want them to eat dinner with us and be part of our ceremony?


Hidden 'extra's' are just creeping up :)

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Hi to all...I was married at the ROR march 9th 2011...see my review in the Resort and Villa section...it`s pretty long and I have some pictures. I was the most wonderful day of my life. We had supper at the Steak house and we wanted to put music and they refused...we rented a projector and was not able to use it at the restaurant. Only a few minor details that didn't go the way I planned but everything else was beautiful. Read the review if you have any questions don`t hesitate.

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I can't believe how they have changed what they allow/offer so many times! I have the email from Keisha herself telling me we can rent DJ equipment! Ugh...now she is telling people they don't allow..even the price for cocktail hour is different and before the rum punch was free, it just seems like this resort really doesnt have the whole wedding thing to together, kinda upsetting me

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