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  1. Wedding colors of turquoise and coral/orange
  2. I got married there two April 2011. My dress was ivory (not a typical wedding dress) and my husband wore linen pants, brown leather flip flops and a white long sleeve shirt. My daughter (bridesmaid) wore a coral/orange halter dress. My son who stood up with husband wore linen pants, leather flip flops and a turquoise polo. My daughter and I wore ivory flip flops that I had decorated with ribbon and rhinestones (very pretty). I wouldn't recommend trying to walk in the sand in heels. The colors looked fabulous together! I made my daughters bouquet, the mens boutonnieres and wrist corsages
  3. The RIU does provide the cake table. We sat at the head of the long table with our guests but we did not pay for any extras and used the reception dinner included in the "free" package. I've said it many times ladies, everything will go off without a hitch. Please do not stress out so much. Jamaican's run on a different time schedule than we do and are much more laid back. I came to realize that and decided to just go with it because I should not be so stressed out while getting married on a beach. And it worked out perfectly. We were the only wedding of the day at the beach gazebo so
  4. I was married in April 2011 there. You will not actually hear from Keisha, via email, until approximately 2 months prior to your wedding. You can email her ahead of that but just beware that you may not get an immediate response. She was very easy for me to work with but I didn't ask for any extras and went with everything free as the place is beautiful enough to where I felt I didn't want to spend any extra money on decorations etc. I had nature as my decoration. We had the standard cake with the raspberry filling and it fed 20 of us with a little left over. We did not pay for an upgrad
  5. I was married there in 2011 and the beach party was Saturday night. So we did the beach party after the dinner and hung out on the terrace above it in the bar area. Made for a fun night and it didn't cost anything extra.
  6. I agree with her. I think you'd be better off doing something after the wedding rather than at the beach party.
  7. Ericka, They have the beach party/bonfire on Sat. nights. My wedding was on Saturday at 4pm so after our semi-private reception at Mammee, everyone just hung around that area as that is where the beach party is located. It turned out to be a fun night for everyone and it was free!
  8. You really don't have to be doing anything. That's the beauty of a DW. I didn't really worry about much at all compared to some of the gals at other resorts and all of the extreme planning they were doing. I decided that the place is beautiful enough and it's definitely not worth the stress. Take it easy and you can definitely decide on everything when you get there. Ours was the free ceremony and very, very laid back. Our guests and us enjoyed it so much and we wouldn't do anything different. I just knew going down there that I was not going to pay for any extras so our meeting with he
  9. She emailed someone that day and then told me that they had it. I was able to add my husband to my health coverage without it. I just had to submit it to work once it arrived. Everything should be backdated though from the date of the marriage on the insurance if you go ahead and add him with your wedding date.
  10. I was married April 16th. It took 8 weeks to get mine. I wasn't that concerned about getting it so soon though as I knew it could take at least 6 weeks to get. I emailed Keisha and 3 days later I had it.
  11. One other thing that we did with the Vista print post cards. We layed them out on the table at the reception dinner and had our friends and family write something on them for us. It was our "guest book" for the dw. Some of them were hilarious to read and we are so glad we did that. We did a charicature picture of the two of us on the beach for our ATH as our guest book.
  12. We never went to each other's rooms or called them. We basically kind of knew what we were doing the night before when we all hung out. We would sometimes run into them at breakfast and talked about the day. It wasn't a big deal for us. They were all given a phamplet before we headed to Jamaica with a few itinerary items such as meet at one of the bars the first night they arrived, catamaran-dunns river the next morning and wedding on Saturday. Other than that, we all did our own thing or just met at the pool. We did not use our cell phones at the resort but I did add International call
  13. I was married there in April and had 19 people. We did the semi-private reception. It was just fine. There were other people in the restaurant but they weren't really near us so we felt like it was pretty private. You have to bring any decorations you want for the reception. A bit of advice, keep it simple. You will have to have someone decorate the tables for you unless you luck out like I did and the waiter did it. (There weren't any other receptions in there that night so we had him all to ourselves) He went above and beyond by decorating for us as well as getting our alcoholic drink
  14. I purchased small magnets for my guests but no one used them. It was humid outside and most people were hardly in their rooms at all. Laundry services are available but you I beileve it's a send out service. Nothing to do your own with down there.
  15. So sorry for your loss. Life is definitely too short. What you said below is so true. Keep it simple. The guests will know NO difference at all! They will just be happy to be there in a beautiful location with you. Our guests did the beach party and the disco after our semi-private dinner. It was great since we had an AHR as well and splurged on it. Best wishes.
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