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  1. I know at our resort you could arrange to have the mini bottles of Appleton Rum (the island fave) ordered for your guests ....if you are getting married at ROR then they gave every deluxe guest room of mine a free Mickey of it with a welcome letter when we arrived. It was a nice touch and souvenir for our guests.
  2. I went with the tumblers from the dollar store that i had customized waterproof stickers put on, believe i posted a pic on this thread....every single person used them, including us ( and we had brought our bubbas too! but never used them that week) i liked that i could afford the tumblers, the custom beach bags (from vistaprint) which many people used and the survival, hangover and snack kits. i even had custom playing cards made, but had I gone with my original plan of buying bubba s for everyone then I wouldn't have been able to do it all Our tumblers, the key room holders, and the kits were all used, it was amazing to see it all get used....especially the meds, they came in very handy.
  3. Here is a link to a 6min photo montage she did of my pics....she gave me over 2000 pics so this doesn't even scratch the surface of what I have, there are just so many great pics but i am super impressed with the amount of pics and my videograph they did of the entire wedding, not to mention the coffee table book they did for me!!! It was amazing! http://vimeo.com/69546005 Marcia is great to work with, really cares about the people, and capturing everything you want Goodluck!
  4. I used Marcia E Roberts and she was fantastic! She covered the vendors fees as well. Really great job and highly recommend her! http://jamaicanphotography.com/
  5. Hi Cynthia, I used Marcia E Roberts for both photos and video....loved her and her team. Check out www.jamaicanphtography.com for her work. I looked ino many before choosing Marcia, I found her to be very personable, and best mot fair priced...and myself and wedding party loved her and her team. She will pay the vendor fee as well. I also lie Brian Nejedly's work, and Michael Saab ....hope that helps
  6. Hi Lucy, I didn't see it when I was there but I did see a few other poolside deck receptions for after semi-private dinners. Admittedly I rarely went n the beach at night or looked out o it, so I could have missed it. I almost went with that plan before I decided on the private dinner/reception myself....I think it's a great way to do it. I know a bride I spoke to early last year that had private dinner/reception on beach but she put up tent etc..so she loved her wedding. Sorry cant be more help on this one. And as for costs...you have to pay the$15pp for the open bar, I think it's $200 for bonfire as per my quote and of course the $10.50 pp above your package allotted guests. Plus a DJ or rental of iPod hookup (which if you ask me is ridiculously priced even tho I did pay it! )
  7. Hi alyce, we paid to rent the equipment only, but the dj who's equipment it was stayed with it so he watched over things but in all honesty, I had put a playlist together and it worked perfectly!
  8. Hi Lucy, I booked my florist with only 6 weeks left AND I changed some stuff right up to 2 weeks before the wedding date ...you have a ton of time I had 6 Bridesmaids, centre pieces, decor etc...so it was alot of stuff....they are good with arranging even 2 days before so no worries there
  9. No problem at all. I'm on the FB page too - easier to reach me on there truthfully.
  10. I had a private dinner and reception for 38 people, and I went with the FREE Wedding package so that i could choose my own flowers versus having the lil bunch of flowers they would give you. I also had 6 Bridesmaids bouquets, 6 groomsmen bout, and 2 parents corsages/boutineres...plus everything else. I chose the free wedding package as the upgraded packages didn't give me the same choice for picking my own decor/flowers so instead of paying $1275-$1750+ for one of the other packages, I decided to pay for my decor myself and get what i wanted and go with the $500 "free" wedding pkg...there were no extra benefits that i could see from those other packages. Not when you do a private dinner/reception. Here is my break down from Jan's Florist: Also note that i used my Bridesmaids bouquets as the centre pieces for the dinner & reception...I just added 4 candles around each and rented the vases from Jan's ...worked perfectly. Simple but beautiful color and multi -use You would have less costs if you have a smaller bridal party then I did, cause I had flower costs for 14 bridal party members. FYI - The florist bills you through the wedding co-ordinator at the Riu...they don't settle any money directly, which is very convenient. Florist/Decor invoice/total - $1511 Bridal Party requirements: 1 Bridal Bouquet – Handheld using pink & orange roses, orange gerberas & a few white calla lilly $120.00 1 Groom’s Bout using pink rose with orange & ivory orchid blooms $ 12.00 6 Bridesmaids bouquets – using mainly pink & orange roses with ivory orchids & green hypericum berries @ $60 $ 360.00 6 groomsmen boutonniere using a orange rose @ $10 $ 60.00 1 MOB Corsage – wristlet using orchid blooms @ $15 $ 15.00 1 Father of Bride Boutonniere using orchid blooms @ $10 $ 10.00 ​ Sub Total: $577.00 Ceremony Requirements: 38 Chair sashes @ $2 $76.00 Rose petals for aisle runner --colors are hot pink, tangerine orange and pomegranate $100.00 Gazebo decorated with White tulle and 2 Floral arrangements for $350.00 Beach Gazebo White aisle runner - rental $ 30.00 ​ Sub Total: $556.00 Reception Requirements: 6 cylinder vase to holders for bridesmaids bouquets as centre pieces@ $5 $ 30.00 24 votives with orange ribbon @ $2 $ 48.00 4 for guest tables and 2 for the head table Gazebo floral pieces along with two bouquets to serve as floral decoration for head table of 14pax. Pool deck draped with fairy light , pink & white lanterns $300.00 ​ Sub Total: $378.00 TOTAL PACKAGE COST (USD) $1511.00
  11. Hi Jenn , when you are on Facebook go to your search field and type in Riu Och Rios Brides ...the group will come up, you have to " Join Group" (it's a closed group) so the admin will add you once you request it.
  12. Hi Jenn, I just responded on the other forum, your too quick for me lol. I got all my decor from Jan's Florist (preferred supplier of the Riu) really of everything you see in the pics they did everything except for the punk runners on the table that my aunt made for me...I just wanted a splash of color for the tables. Everything else was Jan's.
  13. Hi alyce, I did have an aisle runner that I had rented from Jan's Florist, one of the Riu's preferred flower/decor suppliers. They charged me $30 for the runner, and $100 for the Colored rose petals for it. I was really happy I went with the runner it looks beautiful!
  14. Not at all. LOL. I got a lot more Questions from the Facebook group ROR trust me lol. I'm just cooking dinner and trying to do too many things at once lol. I had the private dinner and reception at the poolside deck , and I highly recommend it! It's he perfect ambiance and setting! I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. I hired Jan's florist and they did all my flowers and decor...from the aisle runner to rose petals, all wedding attendants flowers , chair ties, beach gazebo flowers with curtain tule, my reception centre pieces/candles and all the setup for both ceremony and reception they handled, including my reception fairy lights and lanterns. I brought virtually nothing of my own.... Except programs, a few table cloths for a splash of color on tables, menus for he tables, table cards and numbers for guests, sand ceremony kit, and guest book and pen.
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