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Iberostar Rose Hall and Suites Roll Call!!!!

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08-12-2012 - dthomasg - Beach
08-18-2012 - MrsG 81812- Suites (Will and Ana)
08-24-2012 – Kadijah – Suites
10-06-2012- Jen723 -Grand
10-07-2012 - mcolon722 - Suites
10-13-2012-Mecampb - Suites (Jim & Morgan)
11-11-2012- meeshamillz - Beach
11-11-2012 – futuremrsclark (Megan & Nick) – Suites
12-03-2012 - Sjay (Sarah & Nelson) - Suites
12-12-2012 Bridemichyboo-Suites
2013 Brides
01-04-2013- Justine416(Justine & Ryan)- Beach
01-07-2013 - Shauna253 - Suites
01-20-2013- Jreist - Beach
01-26-2013 - Grand
01-27-2013 - mthackeray (Adam and Marci) - Beach
01-28-2013 - erin2100 - Beach
02-20-2013 - newbiebridetobe - Suites
02-21-2013 - Cateyedcutie (Monique & Robert) – Grand
02-24-2013 - HollyandJohn - Suites
03-07-2013- mcc842002 (Meagan & Tom) - Beach
03-13-2013 - kristencanada (Kristen & Kyle) - Grand
03-23-2013 - Laura2013 (Laura & Jonathan) - Beach
03-28-2013-Kassi22 (Karen & Wayne) - Suites
04-17-2013 Vanessa and Robert - Suites
04-27-2013 - albellis (Andrea & David) - Beach
05-04-2013 - CourtandMatt (Courtney & Matt) - Suites
05-04-2013 - DaniScales2B (Danielle and Robert) - Grand
05-12-2013 - fut MrsAntenor (Tanae and Vladimir) - Suites
05-16-2013 - WendyJune (Wendy & Gordon) - Beach
05-18-2013 kinsellak1 (Roland and Kate)- Suites
05-23-2013 - heather1214 (Jack & Heather) - Suites
05-26-2013 - allieplask (Allie and Nick) Suites
05-   -2013- amybutz89- Suites
06-02-2013 - Lillove81 - Suites
06-04-2013   beachbaby1192   (Andy & Debbie) - Beach
06-17-2013 - Bruuning17 (Laura & Jaden) -Suites
06-21-2013- kfarkas26 (Kristi and Jack)- Grand
07-06-2013 - DanaB16 (Dana & Russell) - Suites
08-13-2013- cander916 -(CharnayandCarl) - Suites
12-09-2013- TrishKurtis- (Trish and Kurtis)- Suites

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Originally Posted by abbeynmike View Post


Hi everyone, Add us in as well June 22, 2013 abbeynmike  Abbey and Mike - Grand

Hi Abby! Are you already confirmed for the 22nd at the Grand? The only reason I ask is because we tried booking that date a long time ago (Nov or Dec) and they said it was already taken! Just wanted to give you the heads up. But maybe you were the one who booked it! We will be getting married the same weekend! How many people are you having and what dates are you going?

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Hi Everyone!  I am thinking of having my wedding in October of 2013 at IRHS but am reading all these weather reports about that being "hurricane" season and the rainy season.  Have any brides been married around that time and if so, how was the weather?  Anyone got caught in a hurricane?

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Does anyone know if there are any weddings at the Suites on September 1st or 2nd, 2012.  I'm thinking about heading down to Jamaica to meet with the wedding coordinators and figure out where I want to have the ceremony/reception/etc. but want haven't been able to reach them to determine if they will even be available to meet with me on either of those days.  I don't want to head all the way down there and have them busy or not there.  And I also don't want to take away from someone else who may be getting married one of those days.

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