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  1. What about searching for some "lots" of chapsticks on ebay. I had a quick glance and it looks like there may be some options.
  2. I got them off an eBay seller. They were about 1.50 each....and I only put them in people's bags that I thought would use them.
  3. We got our Aloe from Dollar Tree during one of our runs across the boarder to get stuff for the wedding. They were large bottles and were $1.00!!!!!!
  4. Hey there! I just had my wedding at the Iberostar in Montego Bay last week. We hired Sungold photography for photos (two photographers, Paula and Damien) and Elite Media for video and DJ service (two video guys, Edward and his assistant). I thought that with four people I would feel like the paparazti was following us around.....I was totally wrong. While I can't comment on the end product yet I can say that both the photographers and video guys added to my happiness on that day. They made my day extremely special and ended up not just being people taking pictures and video. They were so fun, energetic, outgoing, friendly and amazing....and can't help but smile when I think about them! They added to the special memories I have of that day and I never once felt like people were in my face, in the way or ruining the ambiance....they actually added to it! . I think anyone with experience in the field know how to add to you day....not take away from it. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. Hey there! I was going to wait to include this in my review but needed to chime in... I just had my wedding at the Suites and we used Edward with Elite Media for our video service. With all the confusion re: resort DJ and who books it, etc. we decided last minute to book Edward for the DJ service as well. LET ME TELL YOU....IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS WE MADE! Not only does he have an automated play list that you create BEFORE you leave (he sends you a link and you add songs that are "must haves", "play if time permits" and "don't plays") but he literally got the party pumping and got people hyped and dancing...he kept the party going. He was amazing!!! Bonus.....we had already paid the vendor fee for him and his assistant (for video services)....so there was no additional vendor fee! His video assistant kept video-ing while Edward was DJ-ing. He was so fun to work with and seriously takes pride in delivering quality.
  6. Those little watches are a GREAT idea for the OOT bags. If I could go back in time that is the one thing I would have added! Other BIG "hits" for my group were: -sudoku/wordfind books (for the older crowd) -snacks (little bags of cheesies/chips/crackers)...SlimJims were a big hit as well -tip and key card holders (zip-loc/waterproof on a coil wrist band)....everyone used theirs -waterproof camera bags -TUMS -Pepto tabs -Aloe gel
  7. Just on the topic of make-up artists .... My communication with Rashel up until now has been FLAWLESS. She had been great. I'll let you know how the make-up turns out NEXT WEEK! I initally wanted to book with Loni Jones and it was a terrible experience it took 4 e-mails back and forth and she couldn't/wouldn't tell me how to book my date with her (i.e., send her a down payment) and then she confused me by confusing me with another bride. That just screamed "won't show up on the day of the wedding" to me.....her make-up and work is stunning so it's a shame the communication is so terrible.
  8. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/38128/canadian-oot-bag-info-where-to-shop
  9. Hey ladies, If anyone is looking for a little extra "boost" in their strapless dresses... La Vie En Rose (outlet) has all of their "inserts" marked down to $0.99 PLUS 30% off. They had silicone ones, bead ones and fabric ones! Some of them are $20, regular price.
  10. Oh I'm so happy I fell on this thread! I wish you guys weren't going through this....but you guys are hilarious and it's nice to know that I'm not the only going through similar situations!!
  11. I think we highjacked this thread I didn't want a shower either. It's difficult for people to understand. I'm going to have a hard time being in the spotlight on the wedding day....so the idea of other events like that do not appeal to me at all! How many years are you guys apart?
  12. Hahahahaha!!! Are we marrying the same person? I'm older as well and I'm not having a bachelorette party either.....no desire.
  13. Wow! That's tough! That would be a bachelor party every night! You are obviously a strong woman! That would be tough for me to handle. We have two weekends before we leave and there has been no bachelor party yet...so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I know they are harmless....in general....most of the time.....but I just don't like the theme of "celebrating one last night of freedom".
  14. Hahahahahaha......Billandstina.....loved your post! So much of that is familiar to me! My fiance is "allowed" two "messy" nights....no questions asked! Sounds like this is common practice!
  15. It makes sense for singles to bring a guest to room with.....whoever that extra person may be. We would encourage and support that. What's frustrating to us are all of the extra people booking who were not invited and who are not coming as a +1......they are a just coming. I really think it's difficult for people to understand that the whole week required an invitation.....not just the ceremony and reception.
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