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I am just starting to plan my OOT bags for my Jamaica wedding! I have read many posts on this website and numerous others. I have taken all of the information that I have gathered and put my own little twist on it to make it my own!!! I am looking for feedback and suggestions!! Thanks!!


Bags are going to be palm leaf totes!


Inside Treats Include:


1) Welcome letter thanking all guests for traveling

2) Shuttefly card asking to upload pictures

(These two items will be done at vista print on postcard size cardstocks and will be placed in a netted envelope with some seashells included!)

3) Plantain Chips

4) Tortuga Rum Cakes (These little babies come in 4 oz. sizes and will be 2 per bag)

5) Coconut M&M's (2 bags per OOT bag)

6) Custom Koozies or Custom Insulated Drink Cups (Still undecided which I want)

7) Mrs. Field's mini cookies in small personalized bags with a monogram sticker for closing bags

8) Underwater Camera (1 per bag - figured this was something not alot of people would bring)

9) Survival Kit - Advil - Tylenol - Aloe Gel - Aloe Lotion - Small Ice Pack - SPF Lipbalm

10) Fiji Waters


Please leave feedback and some additional ideas!! Thanks so much!

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OMG!  I have been looking for a post with tips for Jamaica OOT bags.  I am Jan '12 bride.  I got black bags from The Knot site and had Jamaica embroidered on them.  So far I got a set of small shower gel, lotion and sanitizer from Pier 1 last weekend on a great sale annnndd thats it so far.  Ugh.

I too am thinking of insulated cups so we can get two small (free) drinks from all inclusive resort bar and pour them into one glass.

Been checking out lip balm, usual survival bag stuff, putting postage paid/self-addressed Jamaican postcards in for friends to sign/msg on and mail back to us.  I also found some red, yellow, green Carribean scented tea light candles on Etsy that I will order and put in bag w/ some personalized matches.  I am going to have personalized temporary tattoos made for wedding favors.  Something fun for a design but I havent quite decided yet.

I am concerned about getting stuff down to Jamaica.  I would love to do towels but they are bulky.  Slippers - dont know everyones size.  Bottled water - heavy, bulky.  How are you getting all of this down there?

I want my bags to have something nice in them to reiterate our Thank You for them traveling to be with us.....just havent found the right thing just yet!

I have at least 25 bags to make.

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You can get insulated glasses at dollar stores. I am getting labels made off etsy that they put on water bottles but you can order what size you want to put on the mugs (appx 2.50 each w label). They are not huge but at least 16 oz... I am ordering small candles in tins off etzy that she will personaized labels arouns 2bucks each. first aid kits 99 cents at target, gonna put a bag together with imodium, pepto tabs. tylenol   key chain flashlights.

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I LOVE the temporary tattoo idea!! Where are you getting them done?!? I think that would be a GREAT addition to my bags!


I am hauling everything down there in suitcases! I know my FI and I are going to ten days to Beaches and we are going to pack in one suitcase! Haha I have NO idea how it is going to happen but it has too! My mother and my father are taking the same flight down as us so of course I am going to make them take a suitcase full of all of my things! I hate that we are not allowed to ship things down the the beaches resort.


I have been going back and fourth about doing flip flops for everyone. I am thinking just the bridal party for the reception afterward. I feel that forty pairs of flip flops are going to weigh a lot.


I have also come up with the idea to make door hangers to put into the welcome bags. This way it is a bit easier for people looking for each other. It will have our last name and wedding on it I have been trying to find a good place to get them personalized and if I can't find anything I may just make my own!!


What kinds of candy is everyone bringing down? I fell in love with the godiva starfish chocolates and the godiva open shell chocolates but I am so worried about the shipping of them down in a suitcase! So what are the types and how are you transporting those things?

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