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November 2011 Brides!!! All Destinations

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Hello ladies!


I've been posting on several November bride threads and I think one of them was the wrong one. Oops! Anyway, I know this one is correct, lol! 


I'm getting married on 11/11/11 in Los Cabos, Mexico, on the beach - ceremony and reception will all be right there on the sand! I'm very excited but anxious at the same time! I didn't realize how overwhelming it would be to plan a wedding in a different country! But nonetheless things are going as well as can be expected. 


I made my own STDs and am going to begin working on my invitations next month and place cards too -- all DIY projects. After that I'll do my guestbook which is another DIY project. I bought my dress in December and am waiting for it to come in; I also have my shoes; we have a caterer (waiting for a menu) and a photographer. We are currently consulting a florist and looking for someone to do our cake. We're still thinking about the music and will most likely use our iPod for at least the reception music . We'd like to get a live band maybe for the ceremony, but we'll see. Stumped on what jewelry to wear so I've decided to wait until my dress comes in. That's about it for now. 


And I think this dress is absolutely lovely!!

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Ruffles Front 3 no flower.JPG


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Congratulations!! Happy planning! pinkie.gif

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I am getting married on Sat 11.12.2011 at Couples Resort - Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!!! cheer2.gif


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Thank you ladies for all of your support and updates on your progress!


I finished our wedding website at last!! So glad I took the time and effort to do it, I think our guests will appreciate it.

Also I made our Save The Dates via Vistaprint and mailed them out yesterday! Am so relieved to have two big things done at last! These are the magnets we sent out :


STD Magnets2.jpg



I also included a similar Postcard that had more details written on the back and enclosed them in fab metalic pink envelopes and ordered wedding stamps from the post office for the ones being mailed in the US :

Finished STDs.jpg



I'm living in Boston now, and last week my family flew over from Ireland and we chose the bridesmaids dress, and also went to NYC wedding dress shopping. I've seen a few I really like but haven't been able to commit yet. It was a bummer that I didn't decide last week while I had my mum and sister here, so now I'll have to decide by myself. Going to go to a few more stores over the next few weeks and then make a commitment as I know I'll be cutting it close otherwise.


For the invitations I know I want to do the boarding passes and have already created my template and printed out one test one and it looks great. Now it's just a matter of making them all, but am not too rushed on that as the STD's are only in the mail since yesterday! I'm been saving templates from all over this forum so I have plenty of DIY projects to keep me busy over the coming months!!


I also booked Adrian Guerra to do my hair and makeup on the day. Just couldn't resist after all the rave reviews I have read about him, and he has been such a gem to deal with over emails. Love him already!


I am working with a travel agent in Massachusetts who is going to help our guests in US, Ireland and UK. She is married to an Irish man so has plenty of experience with Ireland and travel arrangements there too, so that helps! The direct flights from Boston to Cancun aren't released yet so I think we have to wait about another 3-4 weeks before we can book. I do not want to risk a layover, figure I have less chance of missing luggage with one direct flight!!


Because of my new addiction to Vistaprint, The Dollar Store and The Christmas Tree Shops, I have the OOT bags practically done as well. Just need to wait to closer to the time to get final numbers so I know if I need to order more than I have to. I actually gave my sister a full suitcase of wedding stuff when she flew back to Ireland at the weekend and she will bring that to Mexico with her in November, LOL!

These are our OOT bags for our guests :



Inside I have matching T-shirts, notebooks, sticky notepads, pens, mousepad, key chains, pashmena, sunglasses, beach ball, first aid kits, sunglasses, personalized lip balm, candle, photosharing card, do not disturb signs, mints, gum, welcome cards, personalized do not disturb signs, and will add some snacks.


For our wedding party and parents we are doing different bags, pink for the girls and navy for the boys which I ordered from Ebay. Here is a sample for our flowergirl :



Next on my list is to book my photographer so am starting on that this week.


That's about all my updates for now!!

Good luck to everyone and happy planning!!




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Hi Ladies

Also a November 2011 bride. We are getting married on 11.18.11 on Playitas Beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We tried for 11.11.11 but the villa we wanted was already booked.

We are renting a nine-bedroom villa for ourselves and our guests. We have a few others staying at a second villa nearby. The place is AMAZING, Casa de las Brisas and can be seen at www.escapevillas.com. We have 21 people booked so far and don't expect too many more people to come along.

We have booked our photographer, officiant (he married P!nk and Carey Hart which is kind of cool), chair/table rentals, cake and are in the process of confirming the flowers. 

We will have a small wedding party, best man and one groomsmen and MOH and one bridesmaid. We were going to have three each, but I had some issues with my sister and it looks like she won't even be coming at this point but oh well, can't stress about that anymore.

I found my dress in October, it is a Bonny that is perfect for a  beach wedding. I had my first viewing of the dress last weekend and now know for sure that it is the perfect dress. I was having doubts but I am sure now!!

Bridesmaid dresses are ordered. They are from Sears and are perfect for a beach wedding as well.

All that is left really is to plan some sort of AHR, might not be until the summer when we can have an barbecue-type function. We really want to keep the costs down but we're not sure that waiting that long is a good idea. We also need to take care of the men's attire and that's about it.

Oh, and shoes, I am dying to go buy some shoes!! I have fallen in love with a few pairs online only to discover they don't come in my size :(

Here are a couple of pics to show you what we are planning.


Bridesmaid dress but colour is aqua blue.



boquet inspiration

bouquet inspiration6.jpg


cake inspiration but two tiers and with aqua instead of black ribbon



Casa de las Brisas

villa pool.jpg


Beach where the ceremony will be




Ceremony set up



I have a ton more of planning pics but will wait to post them in my planning journal. Pictures of my invitations and second mailout are already posted in their own threads.

Congrats to all my fellow November 2011 brides!!! Less than nine months to go!!!

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Hi ladies!  I am getting married November 4, 2011 at Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort in Montego Bay.  I just booked this last week!!! I have nothing prepared.  My FI and I got engaged two years ago and we wanted to do a destination wedding but my mother get very upset and begged us to have the "traditional" wedding here.  So we went with that but have been unhappy ever since. Now that the wedding is getting so close we finally put our foot down and said enough is enough. This is our wedding and since we are paying for it we want to do it our way. So I canceled the venue here in NJ and booked Jamaica. I cant wait!! I was miserable planning this wedding here and now I am so excited about Jamaica.  I dont know how many people we are going to have. I have 4 friends who are definite but not sure about family.  Seeing how its late notice I'm not sure people will be able to afford it. My mother is very upset with us so I wouldn't be surprised if she refused to come.  My FI and I are completely fine with just having an intimate wedding with the two of us. We never wanted a big wedding to begin with and we are only invited 26 people to the destination wedding. I still don't have a wedding dress yet and I am just starting to do my STDs.  Question, do I have to send out invitations as well? or can STDs be fine?? Thanks everyone!!!

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Wow, thanks everyone for all your great updates! Since I last posted, I've ordered my wedding dress, sent out my boarding pass invites (I will try and remember to take pictures of them and post them), chosen my colors (orange and fuchsia), booked hair and makeup (Suzanne Morel in Cabo) and we have narrowed down our bridesmaid choices. I have to head to work now, but I will post pictures of STD and possible bridesmaid dress later on.


JoanneIreland-Wow, I can't believe you have OOT bags already! You are so organized! We have quite a few people coming to our wedding so I can't afford bags :( I have managed to convince my FI to get travel mugs, so I am excited about those!


Amanda-I love Costa Rica! We were choosing from Cabo or Costa Rica and it came down to a shorter flight time (my dad is afraid to fly). So we chose Cabo. However, I have been to CR-we went to Tamarindo, Samara, Jaco AND Manuel Antonio! You will love it there! So lush and beautiful!


Yaker-I think sending out formal invitations is a personal choice. Some people only send out STD's, so you definitely don't have to send out formal invites. I have chosen to though and I am currently working on them (passport invitations).

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Oh I forgot-I've also finished my wedding website and booked my photographer. Next I'm going to start looking at decor inspiration pictures. We are also going to start looking into groomsmen clothing in the next month. My FI is finishing his civil engineering in April and he will work as a construction engineer. So the summer months he works 12 hr days. I figure I better get him organized while I can!

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