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Who is the Best Photographer in the Cancun/Riviera Maya Area? PLEASE HELP!

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We also booked Phoebe Landa for our wedding at The Rosewood Mayakoba on March 3. We are SO incredibly happy with her work! She is truly world-class.  Our taste tends towards the more natural and impromptu, and we struggled to find this amongst many of the photographer choices we were given.  After some extensive googling, we were lucky to stumble upon Phoebe and her crew and knew right away she was exactly what we'd been searching for.  


We got our professional pics back last week and they are amazing - she truly captured the impromptu moments, expressions, and detail of our wedding.  


She was a joy to work with ... a true artist and free spirit who loves her work.  She blended so naturally with our friends and family - everyone raved about her.  


An addded bonus: Her rates are less than some of the others we didn't like!  


If you're looking for natural, beautiful photos that are not as "posed", please look up Phoebe and her crew.  Here are their websites:







Originally Posted by LPerry View Post

I'm booking Phoebe Landa - www.phoebelanda.com for our July 28th wedding at Beach Palace in Cancun. She has three other photogs who work with her and I believe they're based out of Mexico City. Their photos are absolutely stunning...very natural and artistic, and I love the way they photograph children. After looking at SO MANY photo blogs, I just started thinking that some of them were trying too hard to be "artsy" and they were coming across cheesy. I wanted something different, and I think I'm getting that with this studio.


With them, I am getting 8 hours of shooting, my full CD, online slideshow, plus 250 prints, plus 8 enlargements for $2200 (that includes the cost of travel and lodging). I couldn't beat that price anywhere.


I haven't seen any mention of her on this forum. My fiance actually found her site through another Cancun Vendor website.


Please check her out! I'd love to see her with a stronger presence on this board!


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Hello everyone,


I leave you some links so I can help someone to choose the best option of photography for your wedding day, a very reasonable prices, and we deliver your pictures before you leave Cancun, or the country, feel free to contact me, if you have any question about some gazebo, or resort or something about the place, and if I have a picture of it I can help you posting it, have a great day.





I hope I can help with this links bye be happy !!!

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I just got back from our wedding and we ended up using Ismael Pacheco.  He was great and very reasonably priced!  We haven't recieved all of our pics yet but the sneak peak that he sent me is great!

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I hope you find a photographer.  I know that was the most important thing for us on our wedding day.  Mostly because everything was so beautifully set, and we just wanted to capture how we felt that day. 



Nora and Chris did our wedding photography and we LOVED THEM!!! They were AMAZING!!! 



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