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  1. My Habit has a wedding boutique that includes great deals on gowns, shoes, hair accessories, even outfits for your wedding party. I just thought I would pass it along http://myhabit.com/ref=qd_mr_per_l?refcust=GZVKW2YZ5FMJ3XWHPLBAZH6T4U The sale ends on Saturday!! Have fun shopping
  2. Here is a link to the photographer we used. I think he has changed his pricing but he was much less than most people I researched http://www.ismaelpachecoblog.com/
  3. From what I saw, the resort photog is pretty generic and you don't have him for very long. Plus you pay a lot more for extra pics. I would research other photographers in the area...plus you don't have to pay the outside vendor fee or the day pass if you are feeding them dinner. I used Ishmael Pacheco and I also really liked Sasha Gluck's work. Good luck!!
  4. I got my hair done at the spa but not my makeup and I don't think I could have trusted anyone else to do it. The other bride in there got really heavy makeup so I was happy with my choice. I would recommend going to Sephora and they will teach you how to apply your makeup and even give you a little "map" of what they did. I use bare minerals foundation because it's super light and it held up with the humidity. Good luck!
  5. I think it's $300 so keep that in mind if you want to use an outside florist! If you meet a florist off site and bring everything in yourself, then you can get around the fee. Also, I was able to wave the vendor fee and the $50 fee for non Jade guests with my photographer since we were paying to feed him and the assistant. (we were over 25 guests) The wedding coordinators are much more willing to negotiate when you are there. Just be prepared that everything takes longer when you are there! We ran into an issue with the bamboo room not being ready and so the cocktail hour went a little long...which was fine but I only had my photographer for a set amount of time. Luckily he was willing to stick around, but it was still a little annoying.
  6. If you leave comments on his blog, he'll give you 20% off of your package! http://​www.ismaelpachecoblog.com/​now-jade-cancun-mexico-wedding-​photographer-katiescotthtm
  7. I just got back from our wedding and we had our reception in the Bamboo Room with a private bar, that I did not pay extra for. Plus they have servers so if you request something that the bar doesn't have, they just run next door to the buffett to grab it. I felt like they brought drinks pretty quick, especially shots , but just try to remember that every thing takes longer in Mexico. EVERYTHING. We had a blast and Pilar was great. Try to keep in mind that she literally has a wedding everyday in April, May and June and most of the time she has 2 weddings each of those days. Let me know if you have questions...I'll try to post a review soon.
  8. I just got back from our wedding and we ended up using Ismael Pacheco. He was great and very reasonably priced! We haven't recieved all of our pics yet but the sneak peak that he sent me is great!
  9. *have to PAY hundreds not may. I should really read before I post
  10. Has anyone been successful at getting a different bridal bouquet other than the options that they offer? I honestly hate the options in the booklet and was hoping for something for original but I don't want to have to may hundreds as an "upgrade". Was anyone able to do this?
  11. Has anyone booked any excursions during their trip? There are a few people in our group interested in deep sea fishing and I'm trying to price it out. Suggestions?
  12. I was confused about this as well, but the "booklet" is just the pdf from the website. I know that when you get there, your coordinator will give you options for linens, chairs, and other decor, but you don't see any of that until you meet with them.
  13. Does anyone know if the white draping fabric on the pergola is included with the Eternity Package. I was pretty certain that it was but know I am second guessing. Also, do you just get the chairs with the white covers? Thank you I keep feeling like I am going to forget something important! Also, did anyone meet with the minister before hand??
  14. I'm not sure why she would have told you that considering that they have options for you to rent as far as table linens, chair sashes, center pieces, etc. I'm bringing table runners and maybe tissue pomanders but other than that, I am planning on heading to walmart in Playa to pick up vases for center pieces. I could maybe pack those too but I really don't want to and I am positive that I can find something worth while there.
  15. Thanks you so much. I haven't heard of anyone using him, so I was getting really nervous about sending him money. That is one thing that makes me nervous about destination weddings and using vendors off of the resort. I'm thrilled to hear that you had a good experience!
  16. For ceremony music, I may have a song playing while everyone is getting settled, then a processional song and a recessionsal song. We're not doing a sand ceremony or anything like that but if you are, I would suggest another song at that point maybe. Have you listened to Vitamin String Quartet? I am walking to their version of Coldplay's Viva La Vida They make any song sound elegant...even the 80's rock covers
  17. There is a great site called Rue La La that has deals from different clothing retailers and today they have a shop called Style I DO with killer deals on reception dresses, gowns, shoes, veils, etc! http://www.ruelala.com/invite/msbdw Also is you click on Women and then Final Sale Act 2, they have some Nicole Miller dresses. Hope you find something! FYI the sales are only for a few days...
  18. How much time is everyone setting aside for picture? Are you planning on seeing your husband before the ceremony? I'm trying to put together a time line for my photographer.
  19. Has anyone used Ismael Pacheco before? He's really reasonably priced but I haven't heard of anyone that has used him.
  20. Love the vests! Did they groomsmen have to buy the three piece set or were you able to buy just a vest and pants? Also, what fabric and color are those? Looks awesome. suits.docx
  21. Sorry, my post was held by the moderator and so it's a double. oops. From what Ana told me, you can choose between to entrees (not the sides) and they need to know before hand what every one is having. Same thing for the kids menu...I think the choices are chicken fingers, a cheese burger and one or two things that I can't remember. Kids under 12 are also half the price. I think you can upgrade to the Divine menu but you just have to pay the difference. Good luck!
  22. I've also been thinking about this. I think we may write our own ceremony (with help of the internet) but I'm wondering if any of the recent brides were able to meet with the officiant first? I'm sure what they have is fine, but I really want to meet the person who is going to marry us and discuss what they are going to say.
  23. I recently started looking into writing our own ceremony, although I'm sure the officiant has one that he/she uses but I'd rather know what I'm getting Did any of the recent brides meet with the officiant first to go over the details?
  24. Can I ask what you used for envelopes for your boarding pass invites. I don't even know where to begin looking for cute envelopes
  25. Does your boarding pass invites fit into a standard business size envelope or did you make those as well? I want to make these but I don't know where to find cute envelopes. Help please
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