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  1. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Dreams Los Cabos - Room Perks

    Investigate who the photographer is, check portfolio, don't forget the photographer background, many of those photographers were doing other jobs than photography. If I were you, knowing photography is the most important part of your wedding, because you said so, I wouldn't mind to spend the cost of another real photographer that handles pictures from beginning to end, an artist not a picture maker
  2. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Beautiful photography!

    thanks Candice!! I appreciate the feed back! Regarding return time frame, I was analyzing to increase prices 2-3 times so I can do 2-3 times less weddings and I can use that free time to deliver in less time but instead I am only going to take 8 hours weddings, same price, so people can afford and they can have a better delivery time same amazing pictures! Thanks again I had a blast on every wedding, every time I document a wedding, the story catch my heart I some of me stays in those people who. Cheers!
  3. @@leeannes1 search online about him
  4. Hi Brides, hope your planning go perfect by now, I wanted to share a job I recently did in Dreams Riviera Maya, hope in helps, more details about locations and photos in the link below, cheers!!! http://www.luckiephotography.com/wedding-amy-brian-dreams-riviera-cancun/
  5. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Anyone Else Frustrated By Prefered Vendors?

    @@purplekitten Sorry to hear that, obligated is not the way, people is free to choose, special in so important services
  6. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Engagement Photos

    you are brave! I did an engagement and trash the dress in February in NY and Washington and the bride and bride to be, said NO OUTDOORS! hahahaha I wish I had more brave clients and get those beautiful whiten shoots!
  7. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Avoiding Foreign Transaction Fees

    @@smileitseb do a wire to the hotel bank, I will cost you nothing. Cheers!
  8. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Styling Trio

    yes they are an outside vendor and will charge you the outside vendor fee, Adrian told me he are hiring a place close so people can go out, get things done in their salon and get back to their hotels, check with him that option By the way 350US for an outside vendor is a deal, Karisma and Iberostar charges 1,000us!!!
  9. Just came by to post the last wedding I did in Dreams Riviera Maya http://www.luckiephotography.com/wedding-amy-brian-dreams-riviera-cancun/ use information: Reception at the Pool deck Ceremony at the beach More info in the link above
  10. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Awesome wedding photos

    Here's the post! https://www.luckiephotography.com/wedding-pictures-gran-caribe-real-cancun-melissapaul/ Love!
  11. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Awesome wedding photos

    Thank you Melissa! I appreciate the review and feedback! Delivery time is solved with a price increment so I can have more time and can have the pictures in a more acceptable time, It is a hard decision because not many people are willing to spend more money but I am sure It will work out! The family and bridal party were taken that way according the wedding timeline and the only way we have to get the beautiful beach as a background, otherwise no beach Thank you again!
  12. IvanLuckiePhotography

    breathtaking photographer

    thank you Adriana, you guys rock! come back for a Torta soon!
  13. IvanLuckiePhotography

    Breathtaking, is perfect word that describes Ivan's work!

    Thank you Erik! Im in tears
  14. IvanLuckiePhotography

    An Amazing Photographer!!!

    thank you Kim
  15. Sorry to hear this @@Tiffany Fox! I don't get why Azul Sensatori is still charging that Fee instead let Brides select what they like, love and need.