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  1. Quick update to these shot glasses.... Since we got married at an all inclusive resort, they filled the glasses with tequila for us! I didn't have to buy extra liquor.
  2. Lace wedding dress with a keyhole back for sale. Never been worn, it was too big for me. If interested send me a message and I'll send you more pics. I'm asking $200 OBO. *not sure why the pics are posting sideways I can email better ones* Thanks! Danielle
  3. @@tiffanyt There is a free 30 day trial with illistrator. I would recommend buying the template and watching all of the videos you can find about how to use it. The 30 days goes by fast. If you are having trouble it can eat into your free trial.
  4. @@TammyWright Thanks Tammy! I'm starting to get excited...
  5. @@CaboBride6252016 Do it!! Thats why i posted the pics to inspire others..... I'm sure they'll turn out great!
  6. @@AlmostDrMrsUrban lets just say they were pricey! But I'd do it over again because it really does set the mood for a destination wedding. ALL of my family and friends were very impressed. I tried to DIY it by buying the template, but I couldnt understand the software needed to complete it.
  7. Thanks!! @@calgarybride2015 I'm in love with them. Just thinking about how I want to display them at the reception.... maybe a decrative plate? idk Hi Ashley, I bought them off of Walmart.com. I ordered them and had them shipped to my local store to cut down on shipping costs! The box of 18 was around $15. And i measured them...they will hold exactly 1 shot! Im going to buy a bottle of tequila here at home and bring it down with me in my suitcase.
  8. Hi @@andiegarcia, Did you find an answer to your question about tipping? Also how did your wedding go? Congrats! Danielle
  9. Hello DW Brides, Just wanted to share some of the things I've been working on. As a party favor I'm doing Tequila shots. I purchased small glass bottles with a cork stopper and mini sombreros. They are sooooo cute! I also bought some tags from Esty that say "Take a shot we tied the knot!" with our names and our wedding date on them. Very affordable and they add a nice touch. Here are pics if you're interested. Happy planning!
  10. Here are my wedding invites..... They came out great! I used Vanessa's Wedding Passports and she had a template specific to my resort (Dreams Los Cabos). I used a local graphic artist to help with the little details and with the printing.
  11. dandi76

    Passport Wedding Invites

    Here are my wedding invitations.
  12. @@dahead i purchased a dress on DHGate last month. The dress was "ok". But I think Im going to sell it on ebay and get something else. It just didnt turn out how I wanted it to.
  13. @@Mrsloiseau Sorry for the delay.... the holidays had me busy. I'm having an outdoor reception. I figure I cant get this kind view at home, so I'm gonna make the most of it. As far as vendors staying at the resort, I have no idea.
  14. @@priscilla31185 our group rate for the basic room is $181 a night per person.
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