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  1. Has anyone ever heard of a manufacturer called Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress CO., LTD? I am thinking about opening my own bridal shop up around my area, where to find the high quality and also affordable dress from China?
  2. We are getting married in October 2016 and I although most things are sorted one of the areas I am really struggling to find are decent bridesmaid dresses for £100 or under per dress. The colours I am looking for are burnt orange and royal blue - naturally royal blue is easy to find but burnt orange is rather more difficult. I have found lots of websites which offer a service where you can buy a dress custom made - looking like they come from China. I used to live in Hong Kong and so have had things made in China before and the quality is very good. I am worried though that if I go with one of these companies I will be parting with a lot of money but not getting anything or getting rubbish quality products. One of the websites I've found is: http://www.jueshegowns.co.uk/ Anyone used this place or any other internet custom making service?
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