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Why should I take a Trash the dress?

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The first reason!! you have an opportunity or a excuse to wear your wedding dress again!

This is an amazing session, it takes place after your wedding day, and it is ‘safe†for your dress.. Once you say ‘yes, I do†in front of your fiancé. You will feel free to use your dress in innimaginable ways.

There are unlimited places were you can go for this photoshooting: Cenotes, any beach at The Riviera Maya, a little but colorful fishing town by the beach…

You don´t need exactly to trash your dress, yes, you can mess it with mud, you can go to a Cenote for an underwater session, and also you can swin along your fiance in the beach with your wedding dress on!!

Use innumerables textures for the shooting: the jungle, rocks, water, places as Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, such a beautiful places for your wedding day.

 This is an opportunity to treasure your wedding photos as you never could imagine.

continue with the article: http://www.gonzalonunez.com/blog/why-should-i-take-a-trash-the-dress-session/


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I am struggling with the idea of buying a new dress for TTD or using my dress. I am willing to wear it in the ocean and the sand but I'm afraid I'd be too ... worried about it to enjoy it. I also saw an amazing pic using paint and I'd never paint my real dress!! So I can't decide.

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June, when you just wet the dress, nothing happen to it.. just don´t worry and enjoy one of the best experience of your life! I promise you!

Also think that the wedding dress is so expensive... and just for one use? Use it again, less concern and more joy! I have shooted 300 weddings, I know about this :)

success in your planning!


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