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Little Princess

Do you ever wonder why...

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...events seem to stack up to put you in exactly the right place at exactly the right time? And what would have happened if you weren't?




Yesterday it was a (cold) sunny day so me and my fiance had plans to enjoy the sunshine, then have a productive day sorting through his stuff ready to move in a few months....


First he got a phonecall to say that the work he thought he was starting Monday, he was actually starting today, so he had to have an early night last night.


Next he rang his friend as he had a Christmas present for her that we hadn't delivered yet. She was going to need a ride to the grocery store as her car was unavailable, so he was going to drop off her present then help her out with her errands after lunch. Later she rang back to say another friend was taking her, but her teenage sons didn't want to go, could they come to our house instead to keep them occupied? This kind of messed up our plans a little, but he enjoys spending time with the boys so agreed.


Then he got a text off ANOTHER friend, saying she was in town and was going to stop by for a couple of hours to catch up. This was great, I like her and it was good to see her, but it meant that he missed out on quite a bit of "gaming" time to talk to her. So when she left again, him and the boys played quite a while longer.


It was getting later and later and their Mom hadn't arrived yet. She was being dropped off here and he was to take all three of them home. She finally called to say she was running way later than expected, her friend would just drive her home, could he take her boys home?


They played a couple more rounds on the game, then they went to go as he had work in the morning. They found his car was iced over. It was cooold - there had been ice on the porch at midday. So they had to wait another 10 minutes or so while it defrosted and they could leave. I stayed behind....


On his way to their house he drove past a girl walking (this was gone 9pm), he noticed she looked a little cold but didn't pay much attention. On his way back he saw her again, still walking. She'd walked about 30 blocks in between him driving past both times. He then continued driving home, arguing with himself, should he have stopped? He was nearly home when, cursing himself, he whipped the car around and drove back. She was stiiiill walking.


He pulled up next to her and asked if she was ok, did she need a ride? He could see she looked totally freaked out (as well as frozen to the bone), and was about to say No, when she shone her flashlight at him and realised...hey, I know you! She quickly got into the car, really quite relieved. He told me that she didn't know him well enough to explain what they heck she was doing, but she looked tearful and wasn't dressed properly to be out in those kind of temperatures, so he suspects she had left home. She was heading to a friend's house but didn't know if they were in, which made him more sure that was the situation.


Luckily her friends were in and he was able to wave her off.




He spent the rest of the night wondering...was he sent there for a reason? Our whole day seemed to have been moving towards him being there at that time. If the boys hadn't come over, he wouldn't have been on that road. If the girl hadn't come over, they may not have stayed so late. If he hadn't had work the next day, they might have stayed later. If the Mom's car hadn't been unavailable, he wouldn't have had them over or had to drop them off. If I'd have gone with him, he wouldn't have stopped (he won't pick anyone up with me in the car, he doesn't want to put me in danger). If it hadn't have been somone she knew, she wouldn't have got in the car at all (rightly so).


I can't help wondering...why? What was the purpose? Was there a nasty character waiting, a few blocks down? Was there a car speeding down that road who wouldn't have seen her? Did her friends have plans to go out, meaning she'd have missed them if she'd walked all that way?


Have any of you had those kind of moments?


Or maybe looked back at all the events running up to you meeting your fiance and realised...if one tiny detail had been different, you'd never have met!

It's just got me thinking is all :)

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I always wonder about this sort of thing!!


I was heading out on a roadtrip a few years ago. I live in the suburbs and had to drive into the city to pick up my trip mates. I packed my car, kissed my mom, took a final check of my stuff and headed to the car. I was frantic to get on the road already!!


My mom came to the front door and said, "you need to come back here and give me one more kiss!" I was irritated because I wanted to go and she was being sappy :-) It took about 30 seconds for me to run up the walk, smooch her and jump back in the car. Then I was on my way.


Driving on the highway, I was in the middle lane. All of a sudden, a hundred yards in front of me, two semi's merged into the center lane, crushing a car between them. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. Thank goodness traffic was light; other drivers and I had enough time to swerve right onto the shoulder and avoid them just in time.


I always wondered if my mom just KNEW that I needed to wait 30 seconds before leaving.



Good for your FI for doing the right thing and going back to offer help. Random acts of kindness always come around to you in the end :-)

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Wow, you were really lucky there! And Mom's do seem to just "know" these things :) He was pretty proud of himself for going back, he was convinced it was going to be some drugged up loon and he was going to regret turning back, which is why he didn't stop in the first place lol


Glad these kinds of things happen to other people too, it's always such a thought-provoker for me. What would have happened otherwise? Why do some people get "saved" and not others? Is it simply that some people don't pay attention to the "guiding"? We did have plans for that day, my FI could have easily just said "no" to the boys coming over, and no-one would have thought any less of him. Or is it sometimes just one person's time and not anothers, Destiny/Fate/God (Whatever you want to call it), still has plans for those people? I definitely don't think that it's all just coincidence.

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FI and I were just talking about this in the car like 15 mins ago. I told him your story. He's very intrigued by this sort of thing also.


He always wonders what it would have been like to go to college. I told him if he had gone to college, he wouldn't have been working at the car dealership, he wouldn't have bought that Mustang, he wouldn't have joined the Mustang club and we never would have met :-) Things happen for a reason.


You never know when following intuition will get you where you need to be. I love this quote: "God may lead me down paths I do not want to take, to get me to the place I need to go."

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It's interesting where our life leads us :) If one little thing had changed then we'd never have met some very important people!


If my Dad hadn't had to move because of his job (talk about being led where you didn't want to go! I was NOT a happy camper!), we wouldn't have moved into our house, I wouldn't have gone to that school, wouldn't have made that friend, she wouldn't have pointed out the videos on the shelf and convinced me to watch them, I wouldn't have become obsessed with the films, I wouldn't have joined their official message board..and I'd never have met my fiance!! Even if we'd have moved to the house my Dad wanted, in the next village over, I'd have gone to a different school and the whole chain of events would be different!!


I try to just go with the flow these days, life has taken me places I NEVER thought I would go, I've made decisions I never thought I'd make, and I'm exactly where I want to be...I just didn't know it before :) So I'm learning to let go and see where it takes me, even if it's frustrating at times.

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