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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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Because I'm OBSESSED with finding any wedding about this resort, I thought I'd pass this along for other's to read. This was on TripAdvisor in February:


My wife and I were married this past Saturday at the Turks and Caicos Beaches resort. We had about 30 people in addition to ourselves that flew out for the ceremony and reception ( and an additional 3 or 4 days each ).

I have to start by saying that the service pretty much everywhere was exceptional. From our wedding planners, who helped us heavily with all the necessary organization, and helped us with anything stressful around the wedding, to the wonderful staff that wouldn't stop congratulating us on our big day every time they saw us until we left (especially Winston in the Carribean village lobby the great servers from reflections restaurant: Tamara and Yiery).

Our ceremony was on the deck behind Schooner's, with a background of the beach and water that was gorgeous. For the reception, they actually closed down the Iguana's pool to give us our own private area. We had a delicious buffet with a few additions ( lobster tail and 'world of chocolate' buffet ). This, in addition to the free cocktail hour, gave us an extended reception that was great. Also, we had a firedancer ( Aide, who was amazing ) give a performance at the reception.

For all the wonderful service, we want to give special thanks to the wedding coordinators. In particular we want to thank Carmaneci, who helped us with EVERYTHING and also threw in some special additions (i.e. private transportation home with Walter, a fridge stocked full of Guinness and champagne, decorated honeymoon room, etc) and set up special dinner reservations for us with decorated tables/flowers to add to the great experience.


After the wedding, we were able to settle down and get a couples massage at the 'Red Lane Spa'. I opted for the sports massage, and my wife had a tropical bliss massage. Both were fantastic, and really helped alleviate any leftover stress from the wedding. Thank you to the masseuses Narissa and Claudette, as well as the other staff who helped my wife's bridesmaids and mother with hair/makeup/etc: Janicilia, Nicole, Josefina.


I'd have given this review 5 stars, with the exception of the following two issues:

1) The foul odor in the Carribean lobby elevators.....We're not sure what it was, but everyone was complaining about it.

2) My father in laws room had a large number of mosquitoes in it. We had to call the lobby to get somebody to spray the room to get rid of them.

3) Our airconditioning unit was very loud, my wife had trouble sleeping at times

4) The only real setback for our vacation was dealing with Snapshot photography. For as expensive as the photo packages are, we were not at all happy with many of the wedding photos. There's no alteration to the photos at all, so for many of them we're redfaced or sweating. This brings me to another complaint whereby there wasn't much feedback during the photo process. For example, if I'm sweating, the photographer could have mentioned it to me so I could quickly wipe it off to take a picture. A worse example is the fact that many of our photos are of groups.....and many of these have either people blinking or making a strange face ( mid-talking ), or in some cases not even looking at the camera. It's sad to say that our friends with camera took MUCH better photos of the event. As for cost, since we had a large party and needed photos of family/friends/etc, we had to upgrade our package ( 42 photos ) to the next package that included 110 photos (out of almost 700) to make sure we got pictures of everybody there. There wasn't a cheaper option ( all we wanted was the photos on the cd....nothing else ), we ended up having to include photobooks and brag books in our purchase. This was fine, expect it then required us to spend 3 - 4 hours on our last day at the island looking at pictures and identifying the order to place them in for the photo book ( which we didn't even want ). Dealing with Snapshot, sadly, was the most stressful part of the entire wedding process, but I must note that they knocked $100 off of our photography bill because we were upset.


Don't let my review of Snapshot scare you away. This place and all its staff are amazing.....just, maybe, avoid paying for photography. My wife and I fully intend to go back, as do all the other guests that we had for the wedding.

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Ladies so much can be said in a review.  Bottom Line the trip was AMAZING!!!!  Our check in was smooth even without me doing the pre-check in online.  The on site wedding planner came and introduced herself and gave a notebook to review over as far as wedding options.  We checked in on a Saturday so we had our official meeting with her on Monday, but we saw her later on the resort at another wedding that night.  She told us our main homework lesson was to take a Bob Marley shot :), which was already on my to do list!!! It did not disappoint. The first wedding planner we encountered was Celeste. She was awesome - a really sweet person.  She called to check in on us several times before the wedding day and answered all questions.  She later had an emergency prior to our wedding day and another wedding team consultant Patricia stepped in and took over.  She was also great.  She also checked on us the day after the wedding.


The pizzas at Bella by Iguanas Pool in Caribbean Village our great. They can take from 30 minutes to 55 minutes depending on time of day.  I have heard other people complain about the wait on reviews, but it was never an issue for us.  We would put in order on our way somewhere else then just go back and get it.  The bartenders in the pub are very friendly. They give you a daily newsletter for the next day every night informing you of activities.  As I stated in a previous post there are theme days.  The pub alternates nightly at 10pm between karaoke one night and bingo and/or poker the next night.  One of the entertainment crew over the karaoke is an amazing singer.  Sometimes the club can be dead right at 11pm when it opens for adults, but the music from DJ is great and we had a great time even when it was just us or us and a few people.


The water is beautiful.  We did a few water activities like the hobie, kayaking, and my husband took snorkel equipment to go out on his own not far from shore.  The flags most days were red or yellow so some parts of the day depending on flag color certain activities may be restricted.


We had an awesome candlelight dinner night after the wedding.  My suggestion would be if you plan on doing one on the beach to choose the 6pm time because after the sunset as we  got desert and it became dark the mosquitos came out pretty bad we picked up desert and took it with us at that point.


The waterpark was fun as well. We had a great time at the water park before our kids came down with my mom, and they enjoyed it as well when they arrived.


We ate at Kimonos twice once before everyone arrived and then again as a welcome dinner when everyone arrived.  We had the concierge make our reservations when we went on our own and Celeste made our reservations for the welcome dinner.  Both reservations were set for 8:45pm.  That was fine for us, but if you have a problem eating late the earlier you make reservations the better. I don't think the reservation desk opens til 9am or 11am.


It is good to remember most places shut down for lunch at 2:30pm. The exception is Arizona's which closes at 4pm. They have a lunch buffet inside and on the outside is a great buffet in the back with jerk chicken and pork as well as burgers, curly fries, sweet potato fries, grilled chicken, skirt steak and all the fixings for fajita tacos. There is also a smoothie bar.


I had never had conch before, and Barefoot by the Sea had a great conch salad.  When we were there the resort was fully booked, but it never seemed overcrowded or packed.


If you are a returning Sandals Select Member the luncheon is great.


I have no bad reviews about the food. I think the only down side was the inconsistency of the Caesar Salad at the restaurants.  Every place had a different twist on Caesar Salad.  I would not recommend the one in the pub.  The one we had at our reception after the wedding was the BEST. It was AWESOME.


If you are hungry late night the pub closes at 2am, but Bobby Dee's (yes the place that looks like it is for kids) doesn't close until 6am.  They have amazing burgers with guacamole and a fried egg.


Turtles Bar in the Caribbean Lobby is also a nice night spot for adults.  Our room was in the Caribbean Village right off the beach. It was great.


We went of the resort to the casino in town Casablanca - not anything to get excited about.


My favorite breakfast spots were Marios and Giusseppe's.


We also did parasailing through Captain Marvin's. They pick you up at the dock on the resort by the watersports area. It is $75 per person.


There is probably much more I can write a review on so I will probably have to supplement.


If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I will answer.


It was funny because it seemed like the whole resort knew we were getting married. They kept asking about the big day up until the day and made sure to congratulate us afterwards.  The staff are very friendly.


I have several pictures posted on my instagram: ATTORNEY_J_4_JUSTICE and on my facebook page.  I also have many more pics to upload.





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Aww @JANAP you were a beautiful bride. Thanks so much for the review. I think I'm next in a few weeks so excited. I'm sure I have lots of questions but so sleepy, couldn't resist reading your post though before I went to bed..lol...can't wait to see more pics don't have instagram but will definitely check out your Facebook page. .


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Oh And love your bouquet!!!!@ JanaLP


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Thank you. We got a few good price souvenirs when they had the locals come on property one day in the Caribbean Village. They also have a marketplace in the back of resort by Mario's snd Dinos.


Dinos has good nachos for a snack with chips a d cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa on the side.


Some good drinks if you like to drink are miami vice, coconut cooler, hummingbird, a day in paradise, dirty banana, and mai tai. Of course a good margarita frozen or on the rocks is always good

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