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  1. I stayed in the Caribbean and it was amazing. Our room was right off the beach on the ground floor near the public beach area where the beach party is held.
  2. Yes I have heard on the Facebook page the wife is free starting December 1st. The 10% discount can apply to military or firefighters I believe. It talks about it on their website. Also if you want to use any Sandals Select Points you have or Points from their credit card to use to get massage or anything applicable on resort then you must schedule it before or arrival or you cannot use the points and will have to just pay and have it added to your room. Don't forget to tell guests about the hold they will ask to place on credit card. It can be like $400. I had some guests it was less for. Then if they don't want ability to add charges to their room then they just let them know and they will not have to pay the hold. At least that is how it was in April. @@mjeans08 is right. Patricia Is great. She actually recently got married a few months ago. She covered my day of wedding when my other on site coordinator had an emergency. It probably is good they don't contract with Ileana anymore because there one package option was a ridiculous price and only included digital photos. She offers better options of packages.
  3. How close a bar is will depend on which reception site you choose or which is available. They have various ones around the resort, but none are too far.
  4. Actually the French Village is not very far. It is all about which direction you take to walk. If you go from Caribbean through the Caribbean lobby to the left. It is the fastest because it will take you right by spa and Kimonos and near the stage and Cafe de Paris. Then the French is not far. If you go the back way from Caribbean by pools towards the beach it is just a little more walking. It is vacation. You will enjoy and not worry about it too much.
  5. @@megthomson I have T-Mobile and a plan that allowed me text for free and all data for free calls over wifi were free but not everyone has those plans so you and guests have to check with your wireless provider. We tried to meet everyone when they checked in because the resort would not release their room numbers. One couple we couldn't find because the list Roxi gave told me they were in one village but the resort had moved them to another and their room wasn't ready upon arrival so we had to search for them. We finally got the resort to transfer call to their room an hour later after it was ready. I had Celeste make us reservations the night everyone arrived at Kimonos. Once we talked to everyone we told them about the reservations. I even had asked guests what kind of pizza they wanted and ordered it prior to arrival so it was ready when they got to resort. At Kimonos welcome dinner we gave out welcome bags I had put together to everyone and gifts to our wedding party.
  6. @@tyrebride2b2013 your pictures are absolutely amazing. Your dress is beautiful. Oh, yes Celeste was great. I also dealt with Patricia on day of wedding who was great as well. Are those all your beautiful children? How was your airport experience? @@blakdeevah ENJOY! !!! Seven days is a great stay. We were there 9. You definitely go through wuthdrawal when you go home.
  7. It sprinkled one day for maybe 10 minutes at most. They said if it rains there it usually passes over quickly.
  8. How exciting. Have fun. CONGRATULATIONS! I was just saying this morning What I would be doing and eating if I was there. Who is your on site wedding coordinator? Don't forget to try the beaches caramel frozen from Cafe de Paris. It is good even if you aren't a coffee person because I am not and I loved it. If you go in the cricketers pub ladies tell the bartender Theon that the Perez couple said hi. Tell him Mr. P was the one always getting virgin pina coladas a few weeks ago. He will probably remember us. Enjoy and relax!
  9. Yes. That is what the concierge told me when I inquired for one of my guests. They don't offer that information though. The guest will probably have to ask and let them know they don't want to purchase.
  10. I don't know how long itctajes deposit to go back on your card because I used mine to add something extra for wedding, but it did take a few days to a week for that resort charge to reflect on my bank account after my departure. If you don't put down deposit I was told by concierge that it just means they don't get that card that allows you to put stuff from gift shop on your room rather than pay up front at time of purchase. One of my friends just wanted internet and they just asked her for like $150 deposit maybe because she was staying a shorter time or told them all she wanted was wifi, which can connect a few devices so you can share code with others in your party. I was told by concierge that the normal hold is $400 unless they indicate they do not want wifi or to make purchases on their room. Hope that helps.
  11. You all will have a blast. Pack a big thing of sunscreen for you and your husband to be. I included sunscreen in my welcome bags I gave guests. I would remind guests to pack it as well because it will costs more in resort of course. I had a friend that had to purchase some women products for that time of the month which decided to surprise her and it definitely cost more than normal. By the way if any guests end up needing that it is sold in the kids candy store out of all places. Just FYI
  12. @@blakdeevah I think I saw you post on beaches instagram pictures of food. I commented because I thought it was you. Are you getting excited?
  13. Have your friend plan with your contribution of what you want to do or don't want to do. Then tell your sister the date, time and main details. Inform her that if she has time and would like to participate and contribute to contact your friend to coordinate and see what she needs help with.
  14. @@tyrebride2b2013 I told them I did not want to waste their time or mislead them into thinking I was going to purchase any pics at that time during the viewing session. We did look at all of the pictures and pick our complimentary one. We also told them our favorite ones, and we had them save them and email me the link to view online also so my mother could view online in case we wanted to purchase later. So they emailed me, and we are able to view online then let them know within 30 days I believe which ones we want and they can email jpeg I guess or cd. I think to email where you can get whatever size you want printed is like $24 per image. The site link they send also gives option of buying prints that are like $16 for 5 x 7 and other prices for other sizes or novelties like mugs etc.
  15. @@tyrebride2b2013 The Sky Lounge is just upstairs seating in the open air at the airport. I flew American Airlines and did not have to pay, but the day before my mother and friends flew American and did have to pay and other friends flew US Airways and also had to pay. I am not sure why. I had a small can of off spray that I got from Walmart that worked fine. I am not sure how long they keep the hold. I don't know how long it takes it to be released once you leave the resort.
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