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  1. The flight attendant placed my dress in with the pilot's closet. Ask them.
  2. Wow..is it Cominique you say, Thats not right what she did she should have made your day easier not stressfull. I had Comanechi and she was very cool. I miss this place sooooooo badly! ute name="mjeans08" post="1858238" timestamp="1404495048"]Hi all! I wanted to come on her and write about my experience at Beaches T&C. We were married at sunset about a month ago on June 7, 2014. We had about 70 guests, which was a large group for a wedding at Beaches. It ultimately was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, but there were lots of struggles involved when we first got there and had to plan things with our wedding planner, Cominique. No one had suggested to us that we plan in advance to "shut down a restaurant" since our party was so large. Closing down a restaurant requires 2 months notice and is more expensive, so they would not allow us to do so even though we were willing to right on the spot. They were offering us unreasonable locations that would not accommodate our large party (i.e, next to a pool or a small area of sand). We had older folks with us, so dancing on sand was out of the question. They eventually agreed to close down a small outdoor restaurant a bit early to set up for our wedding, but it was at the expense of our time and energy. The day of the wedding, Cominique began yelling at me right before I walked down the aisle, saying that I only ordered 5 bouquets when I had 6 bridesmaids. I had to sit there right before the best moment of my life and convince her that NO, I ordered 5 bouquets because I had 5 bridesmaids (I think I knew how many bridesmaids I had)! Turns out, they screwed up the order and Patricia, wedding coordinator supervisor, had to make it and run it over before the ceremony started. Needless to say, Cominique was extremely unprofessional. In addition, she turned into a drill sergeant the day of the wedding, yelling at our wedding party to "fall in line!" I would like to give her pass since it was such a large group to coordinate and work with; however, I was just appalled by her behavior that day. If possible, I suggest to insist that Patricia be your wedding coordinator. Whenever we had an issue, she was able to resolve it for us and did so in a very professional manner. Other than the issues mentioned above, everything went very smoothly for the most part. The food was delicious, our DJ - DJ Colas - was awesome and our photographer was simply phenomenal. I am actually really on here to write about her. ATTIMI PHOTOGRAPHY by ILEANA RAVASIO http://www.attimiphotography.com Beaches no longer directly contracts with her and I am unsure why, but she is a fantastic photographer and worth every penny. I highly suggest that you do whatever you have to do to make her your photographer - it may mean paying for her to stay at the resort or be a guest at the wedding... like I said, I assure you it will be worth it!! You will be blown away by her creativity and her skills. Not to mention she is sweet, fun and so personable! Leading up to our wedding, we communicated via email and Skype and she took all of our thoughts and ideas into consideration. Right after our wedding, she posted us on her blog, which our family, friends and coworkers loved. People are still calling and texting us about how much they cannot get over the quality and beauty of our wedding pictures on Ileana's blog and Facebook. She then posted the rest of our pictures on her online gallery within a week of our wedding. I also had her take some boudoir pictures, which came out amazing. She has the most advanced photography skills and is up-to-date on technique/products and she provides a quick turnaround. I cannot say enough about her! We will be getting the rest of the pictures digitally soon through Beaches. I cannot wait to see them! I wish all of you the most beautiful day ever and I hope you take my recommendations into consideration!
  3. It was PERFECT!!! I got Comeneci for the wedding planification and she was great! I am still on cloud 9. The weather was perfect, we had the ceremony on the beach and reception at the jacuzzi near Arizona restaurant. My guests were amazed. I brought my own photographer who happens to be a friend. I did not want to regret any of the photos. It was worth it. I give Beaches 15on 10.
  4. My reception location is not picked out yet!!! I can't wait to see what they have to offer. But the ceremony will be on the beach. Did the give u any freebie s?
  5. Beautiful pic. I was there four yeats ago and still am talking about it!!! This tome gonna be worst. I'm gonna need therapy when i cpme back. Was it all you expected?
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