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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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Hi Everyone!!


I've been reading through this for 2 weeks now & finally got to the end! I am so happy I found this thread, and am so thankful for all of the amazing advice that all of you have offered!!


Lacey & Adam

August 11, 2012 (for now...might change to September if rates are less expensive)

Beautiful Beginnings with a few upgrades

Beach location


I just started the planning process, so I'm sure I will have a million questions for you veterans! Thanks in advance!

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I was just notified that I have Roxy too.  Hope she is better than the last girl that everyone complained about.



Originally Posted by RachelBride View Post

Congrats on all Past, Present & Future Weddings!!!!


I was just notified by my TA that our wedding coordinator is Roxy.  Has anyone dealt with her??


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We're officially moving the wedding to BEACHES NEGRIL for the same dates.  It was heart breaking, but we are accepting it.  We really want to get married on our date and we are staying at Sandals for part of the trip and getting a LOT of upgrades.  I've been planning for so long, and now I'm just going to go with the flow.  I'm VERY grateful that I've worked with an EXCELLENT Travel Agent whom I met on these message boards.  I don't think I'm suppoesd to name names since she is not affiliated with this site anymore, but you can PM me for her info!!!

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Greetings to All Brides,


I am newly engaged (3/18/11) to my fiance of 13 years and were are looking to to make our 15 year anniversary 6/2/2013 our wedding date


I have be a follower of this site since may 2011 but have not officially made my presence because I've been overwhelmed by the options and great information of all the islands and resorts


Well, my fiance and I recently vacationed in turks and caicos in august and took our engagment pictures with Brillant by Tropical Imaging with Andy Mann (they turned out amazing) and this pretty much moved turks and caicos to #1 location on our list.


And gettting married at Beaches Resort on Turks & Caicos with a decent size wedding group (60-75pp) seems to be where we are headed.


We also plan on using Brillant by Tropical Imaging again for the entire wedding day (like IV1044 did)

And it seems Shenique as hair and makeup is a favorite so we have to look into that as




But there are plenty of questions and areas i have left to cover.


As far as our wedding planning goes I have only:

-Picked my wedding party (20pp this includes 4 kids)

-Picked our wedding colors Aqua blue and fuschia pink (do you think beaches can work with us, I love their BB package but i want fuschia pink flowers instead of purple)

-Taken engagement pics



Next step is: Get a travel agent, confirm Beaches, send out save the dates, send out invites


I was just so happy to see this thread. Im only on page 44 I plan on reading the entire thread


PS here is the blog page from Andy Mann of Brillant by Tropical Imaging for our  engagement shoot at Sands at Grace Bay hotel.  They came out great

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