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  1. I know another bride who's certificate was incorrect. So sad. Hope you receive your correct certificate soon!
  2. Hi Danir11, We used Beaches Photo n Video. We also used Brilliant for a TTD session. We received both photo packages with no problem. Its the video footage Beaches is claiming that was lost OMG ur marriage license still has not come in? What are they saying about that? I LOVE Beaches T&C Resort but if I wrote a review on our "wedding" experience, It would scare away all the brides to be!
  3. I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced what I am about to describe. We got married on 10.12.12 and About 2 weeks ago We received an email explaining how the company hired to edit our wedding video suffered a power surge and therefore Our wedding footage was lost! They also mentioned they refunded our money (which btw they refunded a week prior to sending the email). We have yet to respond or call them regarding this. We are both still very upset. Thankfully, my brother made a pretty awsome slide show playing our wedding songs and captured moments from beginning to end. what hurts the most is not having video footage of our ceremony
  4. Are Welcome Bags appropriate for single men traveling? I'd like to give him all the same goodies..but not sure about the bag.
  5. Thanks so much!!! You and kisha311 have given me an idea!!! I want something really simple.. So I'm thinking pencil starfish magnets with tags. Just found them on etsy too.. Thanks again for all of your help!
  6. That sounds like a pretty cool idea.. We are doing OOT bags..but I thought we have to do favors as well? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey Girls.. Soooo my day is soon approaching.. 10.12.12 and I have no idea on what to give as favors.. Can anyone give me any suggestions/ideas??
  8. Alexa they're beautiful!!!! Love how they turned out ! Awsome job!
  9. Thanks so much Kisha! I will shoot Roxi an email tomorrow. We actually booked the 2 hour reception dinner..but I just thought the beach bbq might save us a little.
  10. Hello all brides and brides to be!. Just wondering if anyone has held their ceremony/reception on a Friday?? Also, has anyone attended the Friday Beach BBQ?? Would that be something to incorporate into our reception? I was thinking of possibly having a semi private area by the beach bbq..but not sure??
  11. You did a Fantastic job with the OOT Bags & Sand Ceremony Frame!!! Thank you for all the great tips and links!!!
  12. Hi Ladies. Just wondering if anyone on here has the notarized declaration form we're supposed to provide Beaches within 90 days before the wedding? If so, please send to rachel.ribot@gmail.com I have been emailing Roxi asking for it but she has yet to respond. Thanks!
  13. Hi Beth, That's what we're doing..Having Beaches Photographers cover the ceremony and we booked a 2day session with TI. TI will cover some photos after the ceremony off site with all guests and then the following day a TTD session.
  14. Beautiful bouquet choices BeachBride! Mtruvillio thanks for the site - so much helpful information. I just have a question regarding the aisle - did any of u ladies use an aisle runner?
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