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My Wedding decor so far....this is so much fun!!!!

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Hi everyone:


Despite much initial trepidation, I have discovered that planning my destination wedding is actually REALLY FUN! I've discovered a creative side of me that I never knew existed!


We are having our wedding at the beautiful Dreams Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - so I felt that a mexican "theme' was appropriate. However, I didn't want to do an extreme, fiesta Mexico theme - I wanted to do a more subdued, "mexican meets glam" type of theme. Our colors are lime green, black, white, and a splash of purple.


To incorporate my FI's mexican heritage, I decided to use some traditional mexican items in my decor:


1.) Papel Picado - this translates roughly to "cut paper" (think paper snowflakes, but much more intricate). Typically, these banners are brightly colored and really festive; however, I will be using only black and white banners. I will lay some of the black picado sheets on the table as decoration (see below picture). Basically, I wanted a sort of "lacy" look, but with a mexican twist :)


2.) Limes - when I think mexico, I definitely think LIMES :) Thus, our signature lime green color. I will use cut up limes in the centerpiece vase with purple and green flowers (I am thinking hydrangeas). I will also use lime green fans as favors - I will spread them out over the table - to me they look like beautiful lime slices!


3.) Lime eyelet paper lanterns - mexicans use a lot of paper lanterns in their parties, and I love how these are reminiscent of whole lime fruits. The eyelet pattern will also cast pretty shadows :)


4.) TEQUILA :) - what mexican doesn't like tequila??? lol I have decided to have a tequila shot "toast" rather than the traditional champagne/wine toast during the fiesta. I will set up a special "toast section" on each table, which will have a bottle of Patron tequila, small limes (painted with "I do" and "si", and with crystals glued on - I know, I am really getting into this!!! :) a personalized shot glass, and a mini charro sombrero (see picture below).


I honestly never thought that this would be so fun! I was never a girl who dreamed about her wedding, so discovering that I actually enjoy this makes it all the better!


Below are pictures of my planned wedding reception table decor (created using word and microsoft paint), the logo I created (I'm not sure yet how I will incorporate this into the decor) and the tequila toast setup.


I hope you like these - please, please, please don't hesitate to reply with any comments/suggestions! :)


Reception Table layouts (I'm still undecided on rectangle vs. circle tables):


Reception table layout.jpg


Final Wedding Logo.jpg


Tequila Shot station.JPG

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