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  1. We also burned a cd of songs for the ceremony and it was perfect! i loved my ceremony music so we had both an ipod playlist and a burned cd in case something went wrong (i was paranoid). the dj played it perfectly though!
  2. i had the same wedding dress also! i wore it to my wedding this past february and i absolutely loved it! it was perfect for a destination wedding! and it looks great on you!
  3. hi ladies- i haven't had a chance to sit down and write a big review, but i figured i'd hop on and try post a few pics for you guys, they aren't coming out good on here but i have plenty more pictures that i can send you if you want me to, just send me your email and i will share my pics. they were setting up the ceremony, i kept it simple and put fans on every other seat... we had our reception on the beach terrace, it was perfect, and we loved having at that location, there as a nice breeze and when the moon came out over the water it was sooo beautiful! all the s
  4. I just got married in mexico on feb 19th, we flew continental and i had to roll up my garment bag and stick it in the overhead storage (i was cringing the whole time i put it in) but it turned out to be fine, my wedding coordinator at the hotel had my dress steamed so it was perfect the day of the wedding!
  5. yes! i did get them from zappos they are nina, i originally wanted a more royal blue but these were perfect once i tried them on with my dress, i loved them!
  6. these are my blue wedding shoes i wore for my wedding last weekend! i loved them! and they photographed so nicely!
  7. hi ladies! we just got back from our wedding at the now sapphire on friday. our wedding was on feb 19th and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!! it went even better then we could have imagined!!!!! daniela was so great and she had every detail from every email that i have sent her, it is definitely a little stressful right before you go because you don't have everything clearly set via email, but once we got there and met with her i had NO worries. she is wonderful! and the resort is amazing also, all the staff was sooo accomodating and friendly, the food was good. we had 62 people with our group a
  8. thanks ladies!!!! i will be sure to provide a detailed review when i get back! i can't believe it is here already! we have sooo much stuff to pack and bring, def. sending a bag or two to be checked with our parents! yikes! so excited though!!
  9. ahhhhhhhhhhh! i leave in 4 days for my wedding!!!!!!!!!! we are so excited and just can't wait to get there already!
  10. she finally answered some of my questions from an email i sent weeks ago! thankfully! haha! we have about 60 people coming to the wedding! i'm so excited! and i still can not believe how soon it is! how many people do you guys have coming?
  11. good luck girls! i leave in 14 days from today!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh! its sooo soon! i can't wait! hope everyone's planning is going smoothly!
  12. 3 weeks! sooo exciting! isn't it so stressful waiting on answers??????? i can't believe how soon it is!
  13. i am sooo excited! and stressed at the same time, i am going to start packing all my stuff that i have to bring with me, i'm hoping to be able to fit it all! ha! definitely looking forward to getting away from all this snow!!!!!!!!! as for the open bar... if you want a private bar you have to pay to get one set up and then you pay per head for open bar (seems silly because it is an all inclusive but whatever)....we are doing the divine package and 25 people are included for cocktail hour and then you pay per person for anyone over that... and for the reception, i think you have to pay p
  14. hi ladies! we leave in 15 days! ahhhhhh! i'm so excited/nervous/scared..... i just hope everything goes smoothly and that it is all that i am expecting and more!!!!! i'm still a little stressed because i'm waiting on a list of questions from daniela that i would like answered before we leave and she has not responded!!!
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