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Sallee's Costa Rica planning thread

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Originally Posted by Sallee View Post


Have had shirts custom made for the boys from www.itaylor.com


This website is amazing and you can go through custom making the shirt yourself step by step


Step 1 choose the fabric and colour


Step 2 choose the sleeve style and length, seams on the front or plain?, positioning of the pleats on the back of the shirt, cut of the bottom of the shirt (tri tab, straight straight vents), a choice of 7 collar styles, one or two pockets? no pockets? choice of 8 pocket styles.


Step 3 Choice of contrast fabric on the collar and pockets, colour of buttons, colour of sewing thread for buttons and style of button holes, Monogram and choice of coloured thread used.


Step 4 Measurements - These can either be standard Small Medium Large etc or you can measure your man individually to get the perfect fit.


I had a great time with Lee designing the style of shirt the boys would be wearing we have added a personal touch of having their initials stitched onto the pocket


The shirts take 4-5 weeks to arrive so I will let you guys know how they are when they arrive and of course post the valuable pictures



well I promosed an update as soon as the shirts arrived .......... one word DISASTER !!


The shirts are a perfect fit in every way except for the length, the are like boob tubes !!! Its a good job we still have our sense of humour

We followed the measuring guide to the letter but the shirts are not the right length, for length the tell you to measure from the shoulder to the thumb we did this but still they do not fit



Back to the drawing board

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I love your earrings!

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Originally Posted by missook View Post


beautiful dress!  I can't see the picture at the beginning of the thread though.



I moved my pics into folders on photo bucket and didnt realise that it would delete everything from here oops.gif

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